Urban Decay's Naked The Perfect 3Some Vault

Friday, May 19, 2017 Philippines


So far, in my "kikay" life, this is the best collection and most expensive that I own. I will not have it if not with the help of my sister. She knew I wanted to have all the Naked Palettes for many years now and their Christmas Edition in 2016 called The Perfect 3Some was the perfect opportunity. 

My sister kind of forced me to buy it or should I just say persuaded. (Instigator!) So, with my credit card (Kaching!), my sister got me one. I feel like it was meant because after a few hours, it was sold out!

When I realized it and after computing (coughs) the damage on my wallet, I really saved a lot. The cost of the 3Some vault is around $115, so I saved around $47 because one palette costs $54. It was like I got the third palette for free!

Anyway, let us check out the details of the magical vault! The box was sturdy but lightweight. It has the initial of Urban Decay engraved on the box's flap. 

There are some details posted on the back of the box. 

I literally wanted to cry when I first opened the box because it feels so magical. Its my dream come true! Seeing all the much coveted palettes neatly placed inside the box was nostalgic. I am just so freaking happy that I wanted to preserve the memory here on my blog!

I already posted my reviews for the Naked Palette. Its my first palette from Urban Decay!

Recently, I also posted my review for the Naked 2 Palette that I got from this Vault. 

Last but not the least, I posted my review for the Naked 3 Palette before this blog post. 

Just go to the links for my review and swatches of each palette. I think Urban Decay still offers this limited edition vault from time to time. So stay posted on their US Website! 

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