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Sunday, May 21, 2017 Philippines


I was so surprised when I got this highlighting palette as a gift from my sister-in-law from abroad. She knew I love makeups and she thought that I might want to have the latest and trending highlighting palette that is not yet readily available here in the Philippines. (I feel so lucky to be loved and spoiled by my family both on my real blood and in-laws.)

As you know, highlighting palettes became such a thing when "strobing" became a trending technique in one's makeup look. Strobing is wherein you will highlight or color in a lighter shade the parts of your face that catches the light such as cheekbones, nose bridge and the edges of your upper lips. 

Since then, highlighting powders or creams were being produced brand by brand. Around the third quarter of 2016, Anastasia Bevery Hills' released the new Moonchild Glow Kit that reminded me of something magical because of its 6 wonderful colors. 

The palette includes 6 shimmering highlighters in powder form. The shades are metallic and its a little tricky to use. Let us review it, okay? 

Brand: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Type: Moonchild Glow Kit

Weight: 4..2g (0.15oz each shade)

Product Description and Ingredients: 


Just looking at all the colors makes it look like straight from a fantasy land because of all its shiny, shimmering metallic shades. Seeing it being used on editorial photos makes any user want to have it because of its metallic glow. It reminded me of Sailor Moon!

The packaging is great, with its glowing and holographic style, it made my collection looked awesome. 

For me, this highlighting palette is tricky to use. It had to be applied correctly and slowly build up the color because its not as highly pigmented as I expected it to be. (At least for my skin tone.)

Using this metallic shades are quite daring like wearing a bold lipstick. Because whenever I use it, I knew that the glow is obviously metallic. For example, using the shade Blue Ice that looks white but when applied it has this blue iridescent-like glow specially when light reflects on it. 

If the colors are combined correctly, according to professionals, you can create a rainbow-like color. But I think this combination is better used on photography sessions than everyday look. 

I love how it looks like when I managed to get it right. I just wish that I can get the glow that I wanted with at least one to two layers of the powder applied but I needed more than that. 


Its not as what I expected it to be when I tried using it. I really had a hard time capturing the color and its glow to share it here on my blog! Promise, I really did my best, from natural light, with lights, with flash of camera. Name it but I cannot seem to capture its look while I was using it. I can't seem to get the look on how it was shown like on the editorial photos even though I applied a lot of the product on my cheekbones. The only color that easily reflected on the photos is the Blue Ice. (Check out my photos below.)

Basically, its not as highly pigmented as I expected it to be when applied on my skin or at least with my skin tone. I needed to use a lot of the product to get the glow that I wanted. Honestly, if you wanted to have a glowing look that can blind someone's eyes, I still think that The Balm Maryloumanizer is better.

The most shimmering part of the highlighting powders are superficial. Its only on the top of the powders and after several use, the shimmering particles decreases. 

The price is $40. I find it expensive for the quality though you will get six amazing shades. I still love it though, I just think that there are other highlighting palettes/product better in the market. 


On this photo, I was using the Blue Ice. Its my favorite from all of the six shades.

Buy again? 70%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: $40 (Around 2000php)

Where to buy? Try for online resellers here in the Philippines. Anastasia does not have any official retailer yet here in our country. 

I hope you find my review and swatches helpful before you purchase this highlighting palette. Have a great time everyone! 

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