Liese Creamy Bubble Color: Milky Beige

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 Philippines


The Liese Milky Beige is the second color that I tried after reviewing the Milk Tea Brown. I will not go into so much details because my experience with the Milk Tea Brown is the same with Milky Beige. I will just point out and share the difference of the outcome. 

Brand: Liese

Shade: Milky Beige

Product Description:

The box includes all of the necessities that you do not have to buy anything in additional. 


As expected from Liese, it was easy to use. You do not need an assistant to fully color yourself. Independent people would love using this product. 

The instructions are easy to follow and they even have an instruction for allergy testing before using it. 

Its affordable because one box costs 449php. I did not fully consumed the bottle for my short hair. I apply this at least every two months. 

There are many colors you could choose from Liese. 

I did not missed a spot on my hair with this creamy bubble color. 


Even though I did not missed a spot on my hair, I was not able to apply it evenly on my hair. I don't know what is the difference since this is my fourth time using Liese and this is the first time that I used this color. From my previous experiences, I managed to apply it evenly. 

I was also expecting that this color would be brighter and more blonde as compared to their sample, however, its darker than the Milk Tea Brown. 


Buy again? 60% (I might buy the Milk Tea Brown again instead of this one.)

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 449php

Where to buy? Liese Philippines Facebook Page, Selected Landmark stores, Selected Robsinson's Department Store and Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, PCX, Metro Gaisano, CSI. * You can check exact accredited stores on their Facebook Page

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