Y.E.T: Don't Worry Heart Beating (Nutrition) Mask Sheet

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 Philippines


Last January, I reviewed a mask sheet called Y.E.T. Don't Worry Infant Mask Sheet that I discovered in Althea. I bought it for only 24php each and I found it to be the cheapest that I was able to find for an individually packed facial mask sheet. At first, I did not expect it to be as effective as to other masks because of the price but I was surprised that its so good! Its a good thing I was able to purchase plenty of it. There are other variants by Y.E.T. but last January, only the Infant mask sheet was available. 

By March, I got notified from my restock alert at Althea that the Y.E.T masks were restocked. I am happy to see that the mask available is different because I can now try a new variant. The new mask sheet from Y.E.T is the Heart Beating Mask Sheet designed for replenishing the nutrition in our skin. 

Do I love it as much as I love the Infant Mask Sheet? Let us find out now!

Brand: Y.E.T.

Type: Don't Worry Heart Beating (Nutrition) Mask Sheet

Target: Hydration

Weight: 1 mask = 23g

Product Description, How To Use and Ingredients:


According to Althea, this mask was designed for nutrition supply. With the help of Cacao Extracts, it will help in supplying moisture into your skin. It also have an effect in removing dead skin cells. 

Compared to the Infant Mask, this mask sheet was more wet and soaked with essence. The formula was thicker and stickier. There was an excess essence left inside the pack so I used it to my neck. 

I did not feel anything like tightening in my skin where I experienced it in their Infant Mask. I only felt the mask too heavy on my skin because of the moisture. 

With the essence being thick and heavy, I knew that it will be able to moisturize my skin better. I used my handy MiLi Pure Hydration Detector, I recorded my before and after use. 

My Skin's hydration level before I used the mask are: 

Face = 38% (Normal)
Eyes (Palpebromalar Groove) = 42.6% (Normal)
Neck = 38,5% (Normal)

The results after my skin dried off and the moisture was fully absorbed: 

Face = 39.8% (Normal) It increased by 1.8%.
Eyes (Palpebromalar Groove) = 42.8% (Normal) It increased by 0.2%.
Neck = 42.5% (Normal) It increased by 4%.

My analysis on the improvement of the hydration level is that, the eye area was not that exposed to the mask but it was still able to improve the hydration level by 0.2%. The face improved its hydration level by 1.8% and its better than the Infant Mask by 0.4%. For the neck, since I used mainly the essence left on the pack, it broadly increased the hydration level by 4%. 

I recommend that this mask is good to be used for people with dry to normal skin. Other than improving the skin's moisture, I did not see other effects for the skin such as tightening of pores or whitening. This mask is perfect this summer to recover the skin from dryness by being exposed to sun and heat all day long.


My skin felt a little greasy and warm after I removed the mask but it disappeared after my skin dried and fully absorbed the essence. I think people with oily skin may find this product too heavy for their skin and that it may caused more greasiness. 

What it looks like?

Buy again? 90% (I still prefer the Infant mask sheet because my skin needs other anti-aging or whitening features besides hydration.)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 80php (I got it for only 24php in Althea Korea)

Where to buy? Althea

Thank you for reading my review and good night everyone! :)

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