Paddle Brush (No Brand)

Monday, April 10, 2017 Philippines


Last January, my sister sent me loads of beauty items and that includes this non-branded Paddle Brush. To my surprise, it looks exactly like my paddle brush from Althea but this one is bigger! 

I am so happy that she sent me something bigger because I now have two paddle brushes in different sizes. 

Of course since this one is bigger, it is also longer. 

The bristles are soft and dense but the COC Paddle Brush is denser. It was able to do the same ease of application like my COC Paddle Brush and my skin looked flawless without signs of any trace of brush strokes from my liquid foundation. 

Comparison of the No Brand Paddle Brush VS COC (smaller paddle brush):

I now use paddle brushes everyday for the application of my liquid foundation. Its handy and easy to use. Plus it gives a smooth and flawless look. 

It was given to me by my sister but I asked her how much it is, she got it for $8 from US. Anyway, thank you so much Ate! :)

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