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Wednesday, March 29, 2017 Philippines


Finally, I now own a MAC Pro Palette Large in Duo thanks to my sister abroad. She sent me this one along with the other items that I will soon post here on my blog. I am spoiled by my older sister when it comes to makeups also because she is as makeup junkie as me. 

She knew that I have a pan of blush by MAC that has no casing and when MAC Pro had a sale, she got me a palette! Yay! Thank you so much Sissy!

Not only did she bought me a MAC Pro Palette, she also got the Duo! This way, I can place more MAC items inside. 

The duo palette was separated by a glass like barrier in between. Both sides have magnetic hold that can easily hold your pans. 

The casing is sturdy and it can actually be improved with the use of Inserts that are sold separately by MAC. For now, I do not have the inserts to place the pans in an orderly way but since I only have one blush to put inside it, I am happy without an insert for now! 

The palette can fit a combination of blushes, eye shadows and powders inside and you can separate it from side to side with its two faces. 

The large palette duo costs $8 and inserts are usually around $3 each. Unfortunately, there are no MAC Pro stores in the Philippines that sells Pro items like this palette. I wish we will have one soon! 

Thank you for reading everyone!

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