Pure Smile Choosy Peach Lip Pack

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 Philippines


With my addiction in using face mask sheets, I also got curious in trying out this lip pack that I saw on Althea. For a change, I want to try out something for lip care. Let us now find out if this Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack in Peach effective!

As shared by Althea, this Pure Smile's Choosy Lip Pack in Peach is made from hydrogel mask that is moisturizing to lips thanks to its ingredients like honey extract and collagen. 

Brand: Pure Smile

Type: Lip Pack

Flavor: Peach

Weight: 3ml

Product Description: 

How To Use: Make sure your lips and hands are clean, then apply the mask into your lips and leave it on for at least 10 to 30 minutes. After removing, massage the remaining essence into your lips. 

Ingredients: Listed in Japanese characters


The packaging is neat and cute, that is why I was attracted to buy it. Its the glossy pink lips from the packaging that caught my attention.

The lip pack has a peach-like color and it was able to tint my lips a little. (Photo of before and after below.)

The lip mask was able to adhere into my lips with no problems at all and the texture is smooth and soft. 

It was able to moisturize my lips but not as good compared to lip balms and petroleum jelly but my lips did feel smooth and soft after I removed the mask.

No problem in fitting the mask into your lips because its way bigger than the size of your lips.

Very affordable!


The scent was distracting. It literally smells like something synthetic or something like burned plastic. It has a hint of peach scent but the hydro gel lip pack fragrance is more dominating. 

It was not able to meet my expectations in hydrating my lips even though I left it on for a maximum of 30 minutes. 

The taste was bleh! Please do not attempt to taste your lips while and after using this. Its worse than a waxy taste.



Buy again? 30% (I still prefer using lip balms or petroleum to moisturize my lips better.)

Overall Rating: 2/5

Price: 40php

Thank you for reading! I still have four flavors to try and hopefully I will find one that I might like more. 

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