Hey Sugar Waxing Salon National Hair Free Day

Sunday, February 19, 2017 Philippines


To women, waxing must already be familiar. For me, every time that I hear it, the first thing that comes into my mind is the uncomfortable feel of hair removal. Still, to most women, they use waxing as a standard procedure in grooming unwanted hair. After booking and showing up in their appointments, they are ready to go through the seemingly painful procedure just to emerge outside with a smooth and hair-free skin. 

To be honest, according to the people that I know who does regular waxing, it does not sound as excruciating as you can imagine as long as you go to a trusted and right waxing salon. 

If its your first time, you should take yourself to a reputable waxing salon and let the process be discussed to avoid any cause of anxiety. The waxing salon staff should be able to demonstrate why there is no need to feel self-conscious and assure you that you are in the right hands of experts. 

The aestheticians are trained to work with the services and they do anything to help ease any discomfort to their clients. The process is swift, simple and straightforward. If you think you are finally ready to give it a try, then there is no better time than April 3rd because Hey Sugar Waxing Salon, the country's premier all-natural waxing destination will celebrate National Hair Free Day. 

With this occasion, you can visit any Hey Sugar Waxing Salon Branch between 10AM to 1PM so that you can  get a free underarm waxing and eyebrow threading for free! Amazing, right? 

Make sure to follow them in their Facebook account here, to know updates and list of their branches. 

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