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Monday, February 20, 2017 Philippines


Too much stress with work takes a toll on my skin and add the aging process, it makes it all worse. I am so tired while writing this review about one of the best masks that I tried, the Leaders Insolution's Aquaringer White Velvet Mask, but I really want to share that we should not neglect ourselves by being consumed with work. 

Honestly, I am seriously thinking of quitting as a nurse working in a hospital. The never ending overtime hours, naturally stressful environment and catching up with paper works makes me feel like I hate my life. It takes too much of my time and I feel so tired all the time but if I do quit, I do not know any other jobs than being a nurse. I think I need time to unwind and re-think. I do not hate being a nurse, in fact my job is very fulfilling but right now I am not sure of what I want. I just want a break and this blog is always my sweet escape when I want to breathe and do one thing that I enjoy. 

Anyway, enough with the drama and let us go back to what is important and that is taking care of your skin! Specially if you are always exposed to sun, stress and lack of sleep. If there is one thing I regret, it is about neglecting my skin. I just started routinely using skincare products for at least 5 years now and I should have started earlier. If I invested in skincare back when I was in High School, my skin may looked better today. My advice, start 'em young!

I have a niece who started strict skincare regimen since in High School and her skin today is so good. She is already working for a few years now and her skin still looks like years before. She does not need any foundation at all. She just wears sunscreen, bb cream and she will just add colors through lipstick and blush on. Her secret? Taking care of her skin day and night through strict skin care regimen. She makes sure she wears a sunscreen in daylight and twice a day she puts on moisturizer, serum, eye cream. At night, she adds facial masks! She already does the usual Korean Skin Care even before it became famous. 

For today, you can add this mask as a must-have in your list! I already tried Leaders mask before but I was not able to post a review about it. This time, I managed to get a box when it was put on sale for 50% off last December 2016. I will now share my thoughts on why I love it! 

There are a lot of Leaders Insolution Masks available and I was not able to try all of it YET but for this post I will be sharing my great find, Aquaringer White Velvet. 

Brand: Leaders Insolution

Type: Aquaringer White Velvet 

Weight: 25ml

Product Description and Ingredients: (I am sorry its written in Korean) 


From the box, it was indicated that the mask's target is for skin condition with wrinkles, lacks nutrition, dry and with dead skin cells. 

I used this the first time after a tiring long hours at work. My skin looked dull and dry and I knew my skin needed some loving. 

Upon opening, I noticed that the mask is fully soaked with essence and that it has a thin sheet. Its a dual gel mask that makes the mask more effective in hydrating the skin whichever way you put it. Make sure you have a towel or tissue on standby because once you remove the mask from the pack, it drips a lot of essence. My experience is that the mask's excess essence dropped on my wood flooring. (Sorry Mom!)

Even though it is soaked with essence, its not sticky because it has a water-like to almost gel-like substance. Its light and did not made my skin greasy so its safe to share that people with oily skin can still use this mask. 

I love how thin the mask is, I can still see my skin underneath and its making me feel that its more effective because I can visibly see that its fully hydrating my skin with the essence. 

The mask's holes fitted the right places and the mask was able to cover my whole face.

The reason why I consider it a must-have is because of the effect. It has an immediate firming and brightening and glowing effect after removal and it is retained after washing my face the next day. ITs hard to find a product that has an immediate result and imagine if I will use this everyday, it can make a difference on my skin!

The essence left on my skin after removing it took at least 10 minutes before it was fully absorbed by my skin. After washing my face the next day, my pores looked smaller and I am amazed!

My skin looked nourished and less dull after one use. I did not experience any greasy effect and breakouts. 

There are a lot of essence left inside the pack. I used it on my neck, chest and elbows. It has an amazing effect on my elbows, you should try it. It can make it soft and really smooth. 

Using the MiLi Pure Skin Detector, my face's hydration level before use:
Face: 38.5
Eyes: 42.5
Neck: 38.6

After using the Leaders Insolution Aquaringer White Velvet Mask and my skin fully absorbed it, I measure my skin's hydration level and the results are quite astounding. It improved to:
Face: 40.9 (It increased by 2.4%)
Eyes: 42.8 (It increased by 0.3%)
Neck: 40.6 (It increased by 2%)


Well, it should really be effective considering the price. One sheet costs 178php. Its expensive if I will use it on a daily basis. Its a good thing that I was able to buy one box at 50% discount. My suggestion, use it at least once to twice a week and if you are following the Korean Skin Care like I do, you can use cheaper masks in between. (I suggest you can use one of my great finds, Hadabisei in between the times of using Leaders Aquaringer.)

Leaders Insolution Masks are not yet readily available in all the stores. I hope they will be soon. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 178php per mask

Where to buy? I got mine from SM North EDSA Beauty Section in Department Store. For other SM Department Stores: SM Makati, SM Manila, SM San Lazaro, SM Cubao, SM Cebu, SM Davao, SM Aura, SM Megamall. Robinsons Ermita Department Store. For their stores, you can check out their branches at Lucky China Town, Festival Mall and Robinsons Ermita. 

Remember, take care of your skin. Its a precious gift we could give to ourselves. Goodnight and have a happy dream everyone!

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