Maybelline: Make It Happen With Liza Soberano

Saturday, February 18, 2017 Philippines


Last February 18, I was invited as part of the Maybelline Squad to join the exclusive media interview to the newest brand ambassador and one of the prettiest face and IT Girl here in the Philippines, Ms. Liza Soberano that was held at SM City North EDSA, The Block. Maybelline is a makeup brand that is known to make any makeup look happen and for this day, together with Liza Soberano the event is all about Maybelline and making it happen with Liza, in other words: "Make It Happen With Liza Soberano".

The program officially started at 3PM wherein the event was opened to the first 350 customers of Maybelline. At 5PM, the exclusive media interview will be held at Lugang Cafe with the media and of course, the Maybelline Squad! 

Shoppers with a minimum of 1000php single-receipt purchase (with the Clear Smooth Powder that Liza loves included in purchase) will get a chance to meet and greet Ms. Liza Soberano. Not only that, besides getting the chance to be up close and personal with your idol, you can also get a chance to win raffles during the event! 

Its amazing to see that there are so many fans that cannot wait to meet her. They are all excited and I can see them enjoying the activities and make-overs. While waiting for Ms. Liza's arrival, participants can join the activities during the event. You can have a make-over, have a "Mofie" and have your picture taken in a magazine-like cover all for free once you availed an entry to the event with your 1000php single receipt. . 

Make-over Booth

Feel like a star in front of a Magazine Cover with this Photo Studio by Maybelline

Shoot your "Mofie" or moving selfie here at Maybelline Studio

Ms. Liza then arrived with a song and dance performance of "Do not Let Me Down" by the Chainsmokers and Daya. Is it just me or she looks like a Barbie? Specially with her pink top, right? Oh, Miss to be you? LOL. I admire her beauty, its all natural. 

After her performance, she shared with her fans that she is so happy to be the new face of Maybelline that she almost cried because of her joy. 

Miss Liza Soberano added that she would describe herself as "Extra-ordinary". She likes sport look and red lips and matte shades too! Liza also added that she likes mascara over lipstick. The first Maybelline products that she bought are Mascara and Baby Lips! 

Her top three Makeup Must-haves are Powder, Eyebrow products and mascara. With Maybelline, you can have all of it and make it happen. 

After answering the beauty questions, she was ready to meet and greet her fans and have photos taken with them. 

As part of the Maybelline Squad, I am so happy that I was able to join the exclusive media interview with Ms. Liza Soberano at Lugang Cafe, SM North EDSA, The Block. 

Together with Ms. Liza at the front is Mr. Ogie Diaz and Ms. Cary Co and they are ready for the press conference.

Ms. Cary Co (Marketing Director of Maybelline Philippines) and Ms. Liza Soberano

I will be sharing to you my readers what I found out from during the exclusive interview with Liza Soberano. 

Ms. Mari (Doll Up Mari) asked her about what can Liza say about people who are ashamed in wearing makeup because of what other people will say. She advised that we girls should not let anyone put us down. Our happiness should be what matters specially if it will give us the confidence. If wearing makeup is what makes us confident, push for it and make it happen! She also added that she uses makeup every time she goes out. 

Liza Soberano loves being a Maybelline Girl and that is her favorite part. She felt good to be the brand's voice in reaching out to women and to be able to empower women to be confident and make it happen. Her top Maybelline products are the Powder Foundation, Creamy Matte Lipsticks and Eyebrow Pencils. 

Liza's Maybelline Picks: Clear Smooth Powder Foundation, Hypercurl Mascara and Creamy Matte Lipstick in Touch of Spice

Miss Liza shared that she used a Maybelline lipstick during the Star Magic Ball and Enrique Gil complimented that she looked beautiful while using the Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick in Clay Crush. 

The Maybelline product that she suggested to be used by ages 10 to 12 is the Baby Lips and Clear Smooth Powder that is best for young girls. 

Even one of the prettiest young star in the Philippines has her own insecurities and she honestly shared that she feels insecure of her weight. She worries that the camera makes her look bigger and that she looks bigger than most girls that you can watch on television. Liza shared her workout routine that she tries to keep it up for at least three times a week. She has her own trainor but she does cardio more. 

One thing that most girls can relate too, I am happy to let you in that she is also a fan of Audrey Hepburn! Yay! I like Audrey Hepburn too, her beauty is classic and timeless. 

Her last advice to us women is to always be yourself no matter what and to push ourselves to reach our goals. That is one of the best advice that I hear for this year and I would like to keep in my heart. 

Her movie, My Ex and Whys already hit 31.5million and she is so thankful to get the support from all of her fans. Let us all watch out as she imparted that together with Enrique Gil, they will air another "teleserye" soon. 

Watch this video of the exclusive interview and the activities during the event of Maybelline: Make It Happen With Liza. 

I admit, I had this moment of slowness because of the rush of people asking photos with Liza that I was not able to ask someone to take a photo of me and Liza. She is way taller than me that I was not able to shot a photo that is wide enough for us. Ugh, moment of stupidity but I am so happy even though the photo is not perfect. I hope I can meet her again soon and have a better selfie photo with her. 

Still, being able to see her up close and having my Creamy Matte Lipstick signed by her made the day perfect! Thank you so much Maybelline and Liza!

Of course, the post is not complete without photos with my fellow beauty bloggers. I was not able to take photos with Gretchen, Mari and Raych! But here's one with Gen-zel, one of the first beauty bloggers that I was able to meet personally. 

Thank you for reading and I hope I was able to share something new and informative from Ms. Liza Soberano. I will try to review the lipstick that she used on Star Magic Ball, Clay Crush, soon. Until my next post, have a great day!!!

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