My 61st Sample Room Experience: Shiseido and Head & Shoulders

Saturday, January 28, 2017 Philippines


I make sure I save at least 500 points in my Sample Room account because I am waiting for the best samples to be offered like Shiseido products. Most of the Shiseido items that I own and tried are from Sample Room and if I liked it, I will purchase my next bottle! Shiseido is a skincare brand that is expensive compared to other skincare products in the market but with Shiseido, I am always happy with the results. 

Sample Room is a good way to start in trying out products specially if it is something expensive like Shiseido. In this 61st delivery, I also included the Head and Shoulders Cool Menthol Shampoo. I am saving it up for the summer! 

I am still trying out this Shiseido White Lucent Lotion so it may take a while before I post my review about it. 

To try before you buy, just sign-up at I promise you, you will enjoy sampling at Sample Room. Have a great day everyone!

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