My Amazing Blow Dry Secret: Dry Shampoo Sheer Spray (Also posted at BDJ)

Friday, January 27, 2017 Philippines


One of the reasons that I keep my hair short is because I prefer a hassle-free, easy care for my hair. There would be days that I miss having long locks but then I remember that it would mean that I would need to style, blow dry, tie, iron, curl and whatnots if I do decide to grow them again.

It does not however mean, that having short hair, equates to no bad hair days, in fact, I still encounter problems with it. One of which is that my hair does not have volume and body. It is just straight and falls flat! Second problem is I live in a tropical country and having greasy hair after a long day is quite common. It does not help that working as full time nurse where shifts can go as long as 16 hours straight. My hair also tends to absorb smoke odor on days when I take public transportation. Lastly, whenever I curl my hair or have a blow-dry done, it does not last long, at all!

With all the reasons I stated above, I am so thankful that Dry Shampoos were invented! It was believed to be used as early as the year 1700s! Can you believe that? It is possible since corn starch is a common powder used to lessen oiliness and remove odor in hair in the past. This time with a better technology, Dry Shampoos now come both in powder and aerosol forms.

I was able to try my first Aerosol Dry Shampoo from My Amazing Blow Dry Secret. The product claims to extend the life of our blow-dried hair while keeping it fresh and clean. It contains tapioca starch that absorbs excess oils and increasing the volume of the hair. 

My Amazing Hair Secrets is a brand brought about by a team of hair care specialists who are committed in solving our hair woes. A bottle of My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Dry Shampoo Spray contains 118ml of product. One bottle costs $22. You can buy their products online through BDJBOX and on shops like Beauty Bar and Tokyo Posh. I am excited to see if My Amazing Hair Secrets Dry Shampoo will be effective on my hair!

I love the color of the bottle because it is my favorite color, pink!  The can is also lightweight so it is easy for me to bring when traveling! Having oily and hair smelling of smoke can now be solved because it also has a pleasant light floral-like scent. It was able to freshen my hair and absorb the excess oil.

The aerosol spray is not sticky when used even when I comb through my hair with my fingers.. I tried using it both on wet and dry hair and the results were the same. As a spray, it did not leave any white residue on my hair compared to powders. It managed to add  volume on my short hair with just a few sprays on the scalp. It is worth mentioning that it even added shine to my hair too. It felt like I used a light hairspray allowing my hair to have a longer hold as I styled it.  

Using it is quite easy. Just spray it at least 6 to 8 inches away from the scalp. Massage it in then comb the excess product into the strands of your hair and viola- it’s done!

After a week, I decided to test it along with My Amazing Hair Secret Shampoo and Hair Conditioner. Those additional steps made my hair feel smoother and softer even after the use of the Dry Shampoo.

I noticed that I was able to make the product work for me more while my hair was dry. I was able to style it more to my liking. The product stayed true to its claim of extending the life of my styled hair as well as keeping it fresh even after a long day. I will definitely keep this product in mind when I travel and work long hours.

Who would benefit these products the most? I would say this would work for those who commute daily and are exposed to pollutants. Those who just had their hair dyed since they are recommended not to wash their hair for at least three days. For those whose hair tends to be oily. Those who work long hours and long for a great looking hair despite the busy schedule. Lastly for the travelers who would love to refresh their hair midflight!

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