Sample Room: I am the November Roommate of the Month!

Sunday, January 29, 2017 Philippines


I am so happy, honored and proud to be the first Roommate of the Month of Sample Room. I got the title for the month of November 2016. 

What perks did I get as the Sample Room's Roommate of the Month?

First, I earned additional 25 points on my Sample Room account.

Second, Sample Room wrote a detailed and great biography about me! Its the first time that someone wrote about me and its from Sample Room. Imagine how grateful I really am about it. You can read my biography written and posted by Sample Room HERE.

Third, I received a surprise gift from Sample Room! Its a full size Perfume from Elizabeth Arden!

Are you the next Sample Room Roommate of the month? Its easy, just use the hashtags #SampleRoomSpotlight and #RoommateOfTheMonth in any of your Instagram posts and wait to be discovered by Sample Room.

Thank you so much again Sample Room and more power! Also, a big thank you to my readers because you inspire me to blog more! Love you all! 

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