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Thursday, November 17, 2016 Philippines


I am practicing the 10 Step Korean Skin Care lately and included on those 10 steps is using face mask. Its quite expensive if you will really think about it because the cost of one mask is at least 75php up to 100php or more if you will buy the good ones. 

I checked my stash and found this on my shelf. I got this together with the other Face Shop MasCream sheets that I was able to try but I never tried nor used this one yet. Now is the good time to share my review about it. 

Brand: The Face Shop

Type: Firming MasCream Sheet

Weight: 30g = 1 mask

Product Description, Ingredients and How To Use: 

I look like The Man In The Iron Mask but instead of steel...its mask! ^_^


I love how the mask fits my face snugly. The holes are placed in the right places unlike the other masks that I was able to try. 

The sheet is soaked thickly by the cream and I can still pour cream out of the pack. I use the excess cream on my neck up to my chest to also moisturize. 

The mask does not dry easily. If you will wait for it to really dry out, it will take more than an hour. 

There is no tightening feel on my skin even though it is for firming but my skin felt supple and smooth after I removed it, specially after washing my face the next day. 

I did not experience any break outs in using this mask. 


Besides the suppleness of the skin after use and added moisture, I did not notice any other effects like tightening of pores or brightening of skin. 

Its a little expensive for everyday use. 

Buy again? 90% (I prefer the Brightening MasCream! This one is still nice but I love the Brightening better!)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 145php

Where to buy? The Face Shop Stores.

Try the 10 Step Korean Skin Care! I will try to make a video about it. I definitely recommend it! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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