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Friday, November 18, 2016 Philippines


"Sawrry!" but I cannot resist buying this lipstick! If you are a Korean drama fan like me, I am sure you would know the character that famously says sorry as "Sawrry!". Can you guess it? 

Do you already know what show? 

Should I say it now?

Its from the top rated show, My Love From The Star! Its the top rated show for years until Descendants of the Sun defeated it in the chart recently. The story of the show is about Cheon Song Yi, a famous actress, meets the alien - Do Min Joon. The whole series consists of drama, comedy and romance as the couple fight the odds just to be together. 

Why am I sharing the show? Its because I definitely recommend that you watch it plus the lipstick that I am about to review is the one that Cheon Song Yi frequently uses in the show! 

The YSL Rouge Pur Couture in number 52 is the trademark lipstick she uses throughout the show. There is no scene that shows that she uses it but I think it was revealed somehow. I can't find a real article that proves that she uses this but the color is very much the same on her lips. 

This lipstick is always out of stock in YSL stores because it was made famous by the show! I got lucky that it was on stock when my sister's friend was in Singapore. I asked him to buy me one! Yay! I really feel lucky to get one!

Anyway, I love collecting makeups or skin care that is being used on shows. I am curious if it will look the same to me. For the items that I already tried that was used on shows, just search for my tag, "Spotted" and you will see all the products that I reviewed that is seen from shows or movies.

Photo image courtesy to https://beauty-gazette.com/2014/06/22/lips-yves-saint-laurent-rouge-pur-couture-in-no-52-rosy-coral/

Let us proceed now to my review!

Brand: YSL

Type: Rouge Pur Couture (Satin)

Shade: 52 (Rosy Coral)

Weight: 3.8g



The lipstick itself is gorgeous from its encrypted YSL logo on the lipstick to its gold hard casing. 

The texture of the lipstick is smooth and it is easy to glide on the lips. The color is vibrant and highly pigmented that one coating is enough to fully color the lips. This means this tube will last longer. Yay!

It has a nice floral and perfume like scent but its not overpowering. 

The lipstick is satin in texture but it looks more like matte from afar. Instead of glossy, it only has a bit of shine when worn. 

One thing that made this lipstick worth it is its lasting power! It cannot be easily removed from eating and drinking and it barely transfers. As a bonus, it also leaves a bright even stain, no need to re-apply. (At least for me because when I am at work even after eating, I do not re-apply. So it lasts at least 6 to 8 hours including the remaining stain.)


I admit, it does not look as rosy coral to me compared to Cheon Song Yi. It looks rosy and coral on my hand swatch but looks different on my lips. I kind of already expected that because I have a much darker skin tone and lips compared to her. (I am warm undertone and MAC NC15-20 user.)

I noticed that the lipstick settles on dry patches and on my lip lines. I suggest that you exfoliate before using this lipstick. Also, its a little drying so frequent hydration and use of lip balm is needed. 

Its hard to find this shade because its mostly sold out worldwide but they do re-stock since its not a limited edition. The problem is, there is no YSL stores yet in the Philippines. 

You see its look rosy coral on my hand!

But it looks peach or orange on my lips!

Who do you think wore it better? Hahaha! Just kidding. Anyway, the lipstick looks nicer once absorbed compared when freshly applied. :)

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5 

Price: $37 (Around 1500php)

Where to buy? YSL International Outlets. Its not yet available in the Philippines. Mine was bought from Duty Free in Singapore. 

Before I end this review, you should watch My Love From The Star! Promise, it will make you laugh and swoon! Thank you for reading and until my next review! Have a good time everyone!

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