Sailor Moon: Pocket Mirror

Sunday, October 2, 2016 Philippines


I am a huge fan of Sailor Moon, it is the first anime that I watched and the reason why I got addicted in Japanese animations. 

I developed this habit that whenever I have an extra cash, I play Gachapon games in Comic Alley or Toy Kingdom. It is like a vendo machine but when you slide your token in, you can get a random small toy placed inside a capsule. 

I always check the Gachapon if there are toys that I am interested to get. The Gachapon game is grouped by their categories, so you can choose specifically what anime or toy you are interested to get.

Sometimes, I get key chains and snow globes. One day, while I passed Comic Alley in Trinoma, I saw that the Gachapon has a Sailor Moon game. I immediately bought my tokens and played it. 

The Gachapon dropped my capsule and I was shocked when I opened it because I got the Gold Pocket Mirror of Sailor Moon! Yay! I am so lucky. 

At first, I thought that the mirror is not clear like the usual toys but when I removed the plastic covering, the mirror is as clear as the mirrors on my compact makeups!

I shared this because I wanted to impart that it is fun to play Gachapon. I hope you will try it too, specially for anime lovers! :)

Have a great week my loves! 

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