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Monday, October 3, 2016 Philippines


Taking care of our skin both inside and out is one of the investment that we need to take note of. Before, I am not keen on taking supplements such as Glutathione to make my liver healthier and my skin glowing because I was afraid of the side effects. As the time goes by, I got braver and got out of my comfort zone and started trying one brand at a time because I wanted to make a difference to myself. 

So far, I am happy to share that I do not experience any side effects by taking Glutathione supplements, in fact, it also improved my health. It is a good thing that I got the courage in trying out supplements now. This time, let me share with you a review from the brand that I am using right now. It is the Nutrawhite L-Glutathione + Boosters by Opulence Skin. 

Brand: Opulence Skin

Type: Glutathione Capsules

Weight: 60 capsules (Also available in 30 capsules)

Product Description: 



The Opulence Skin Glutathione is made in USA and is approved by Food and Drug Administration. In short, it is safe to use. 

The manufacturing date is clearly printed on the bottom of the bottle. This way, it is easier to track on when we should consume the Glutathione capsules.

The bottle is safely sealed both inside and out. 

Glutathione is famous for making the skin glow and bright but also as a detoxifying agent for our liver. There are a lot more benefits that we could get from taking Glutathione capsules aside from the reasons that it was famous from. It also acts as a major anti-oxidant that boosts the immune system making us more stronger in fighting infections. 

The Opulence Skin added some boosters besides the L-Glutathione such as Vitamin C and E that is good for the skin, N-acetylcysteine that is scientifically believed to help in protecting the body from pulmonary infections, Alpha Lipoic Acid which turns glucose to into energy and Selenomethione is an amino acid that aids in metabolism. 

Not only will our skin benefit from taking the supplements but also it will improve our health by making our immune system stronger. 

I took my time in taking the Opulence Skin Nutrawhite L-Glutathione With Boosters to really assess what improved in my body before sharing it here on my blog. 

In my observation, in just three days after taking the capsules, I noticed that my skin specially on my face improved in terms of moisture. My naturally dry to combination type skin (which is only oily on the T-zone part and the remaining part of the skin is dry) has developed moisture to other parts of my skin that are usually dry. 

Overall, my mood and body seems to be in a more energetic phase after taking it in almost a month now. 

In less than a month, I noticed a difference in improvement to whitening and the glow of my skin. The uneven skin discoloration on my forehead evened out while some of the dark spots that I used to have specially on my right cheek lightened. The one that I am most happy about it is the development of the natural pinkish glow on my cheeks! Now I do not look so pale even without any makeup on!(Check out my photos of comparison below.)


I tried taking it with additional Vitamin C in an empty stomach, I experienced a discomfort in my abdomen by experiencing an acidic reaction. I am not sure if it is because of the Vitamin C or because I just took it without anything in my stomach. To be safer, I suggest to take it after meals to prevent abdominal discomfort. 

Studies show that Glutathione needs to be taken at least 30 minutes before or after meals to make it more effective. 

(Just a note, the Opulence Skin already has 100mg of Vitamin C but I still take additional dosage of Vitamin C separately to make it more effective. Taking Glutathione Supplements requires a high dosage of Vitamin C.)

Taken after 3 weeks of continuous taking of Opulence Skin Nutrawhite L-Glutathione With Boosters Capsules once a day.

Their products for the "Ber" months are on sale. Time to hoard my readers! I wish I could share it with you, the Glutathione supplements is great! 

Opulence Ultra White Clarifying Body Soap
Opulence Ultra White Glow Booster Body Lotion
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Opulence Nutrawhite Glutathione 60s
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Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1500php for 60 capsules. (It is on sale right now for only 1200php. While the 30 capsules is usually at 800php, the sale price is 750php)

Where to buy? http://www.theopulenceskin.com/, @theopulenceskin on Instagram, Facebook page link here.

Have a great week ahead!

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