How I Organize My Vanity Area

Saturday, October 1, 2016 Philippines


Hello everyone! I just did an upgrade to my vanity area because I want to organize my stuff better. (Check out my old vanity area set-up at the link here.) I wanted to share some tips on how I store my items by sharing on this blog post about what I use. 

I finally saved up enough money to buy the organizers that I need from MissBellaph in Instagram. I am already stalking MissBellaph's Instragam account for a while now because I was eyeing her high quality makeup organizers. Her items are part of my must-have list that I consider a priority within a short time period. Finally, I was able to purchase this during the last week of September! (Ehem...thanks to my overtime pay!)

The first item that I would like to share from my haul is the Powder or Blush Organizer. It has an 8 slots per organizer that can fit 8 pieces of powders or blushes. This organizer costs 350php each.

The one that I looked hard for is the nail polish rack. I pestered the owner of MissBellaph Store on where I could find this rack from her accredited stores. I bought two nail polish rack, one rack to organize my foundations and the other one to organize my nail polish collection. Each rack consists of 4 layers that can fit at least 6 to 7 pieces of nail polish per layer. It costs 700php per rack. 

To organize my lipsticks and lip gloss, I bought a 36 slot holder and a 40 slot holder. The 36 slot costs 350php while the 40 slots costs 380php. The difference is that the 40 slot holder can only hold small squared lipsticks or round lipsticks. I used the 36 slot holder for my big shaped lipsticks as well as the big square shaped. 

The last item that I chose to buy took me a long time before purchasing it. I thought hard if I should buy the small or the large size. I do not own a lot of brushes but I am also thinking about the possible grow of collection. In the end, I ended up buying the large case. It came with 2 packs of beads. There are several colors that you could choose from but I chose white for a classic look. White can never go wrong.

The reason that I prefer to use MissBellaPh's Brush Holder is because of its lid. It will keep my brushes free from dusts. 

For the stuff that are still sealed not used and for reviews, I store it in a glass cabinet. Most of these items were given to me or things that I bought and hoarded.


To know more about MissBellaph, where I bought my items for organizing my vanity area, follow her on Instagram, @missbellaph. 

To know more about my vanity mirror, follow Prettytoolbox on Instagram at @prrettytoolbox. 

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