L'oreal: Tint Caresse in Rose Blossom

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 Philippines


Have you tried the L'oreal Tint Caresse? This is my first time and I want to find out if it has a huge difference from the usual lipsticks. Looking at the packaging closely, I can easily mistake it for a mascara because of the shape and size. When I opened it, the tip which was made of a soft cushion reminded me of Liquid Eye Shadows. However, this tube is really a lipstick. 

This lipstick became a hit when ombre lips were trending. Its perfect for creating gradation in your lips. Also, it is the first powder lipstick offered in the market. Looks promising, right?

Well, should we check it out closely now? Let's go!

Brand: L'oreal Paris

Type: Tint Caresse

Shade: Rose Blossom

Weight: 0.9g

Finish: Matte

Product Description: (From L'Oreal Paris' website) First powder lipstick of L’OrealParis infused with the most refined powder. Besides the rich color payoff, it is lightweight and transfer-proof because of its refined powder properties.

Ingredients: I am sorry, in my eagerness to try the lipstick, I did not noticed that I had thrown away half of the ingredients' list from the plastic covering. I did not bother to share it anymore.


I love the matte texture, its matte but it did not made my lips dry nor moisturized. Also, it did not emphasize my lip lines like usual matte lipstick does. For those who are afraid to use a matte lipstick because it can cause dryness, you can try using this Tint Caresse, its worth it!

The powder actually comes from the cap of the wand but its still easy to use. Plus, the powder is the culprit in creating the soft matte finish. 

The lipstick is easy to apply with its pointed soft cushion and it glides smoothly over the lips. No tugging at all! 

The color is highly pigmented! 

It has a sweet-smelling scent like a candy.

The lipstick lasts long, I did not re-touch even after eating because it leaves a nice light stain to my lips. The lipstick did not feather out of my lips and most of all, it is transfer-proof!

This lipstick is versatile, I can use it as a lipstick, for my cheeks and maybe if I am a little braver, I can use it as an eye shadow. 

Overall, I love it and I wanted to collect all the shades!


I noticed that this wand is more prone to get dry compared to my other lipsticks. 

Just a tip, if you have a lot of dry patches on your lips, exfoliate first to avoid getting the powder settling on the dry patches of your lips. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 350php

Where to buy? L'Oreal Stores, Beautymnl.

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