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Wednesday, September 7, 2016 Philippines


I know I have it bad when I am craving for food this late at night. Temptation go away! Let it go! I have to control myself so instead of eating, I decided to post a food blog review. (To make myself crave more...LOL) 

Originally my sister pushed me to try this Thai restaurant because she is craving it two years ago and she even treated me just so I would agree to try it. Thanks to her, I am now addicted to this restaurant now. 

Thai food is made with herbs and spices (though the food is not really spicy), just continue reading if you are interested in trying out this kind of food. Nothing personal but there are people I meet that do not want to even try it because of the smell. For me, the taste is worth the smell. Once in a while, try something that you haven't tried yet, right? Consider it as a part of your bucket list. 

Usually My Thai is a restaurant that has Pho Hoa beside it and it is connected. You can order from both restaurants at the same time. This is what I usually do, I combine my orders from both restaurants but for this review, I will just focus on my My Thai experience. 

To start off, I would like to share my favorite noodle version of Thai food, its called Pad Thai. You can choose whether you want a shrimp, chicken and vegetable. I prefer the shrimp or chicken. Pad Thai has tofu and a whole lot more of ingredients thrown in this dish. One plate is good for two to three people depending on your other orders.

Shrimp Pad Thai 230php

Next must try from My Thai is their Bagoong Rice. Its called Khau Kluk Gapi. The rice was cooked in Bagoong and it has a green mangoes, sweetened pork, egg, nuts and some onions and spices included. You will need to mix all of this before serving. Make sure to mix it well so that you will enjoy the whole experience. I love the combination of salty, sour and sweetened taste of the rice. This plate is good for two people. 

Khau Kluk Gapi 230php

I just tried this dish, Nuea in Beef and it reminded me of Filipino's Curry. The flavor is curry but the sauce is thicker than the usual curry in the Philippines. This dish is in small serving. Its good for one to two people. 

Nuea 295php

I have another favorite but I accidentally deleted a photo of it. Its the Sate with peanut sauce. Its like a Kabab or Barbeque because it is grilled. You can choose between pork and chicken. It is served with a peanut sauce. I found an old Instagram photo but the photo of the Sate is small. The Sate is at the bottom of the collage. 

I shared with you my usual orders. For your guidance please check their menu for your preference. Please note that from the time that I took this photos, prices may already vary. 


The price is great for a Thai restaurant. The food is delicious that I love eating in this restaurant so much. 

The servers are attentive. 

The waiting time for food to be served is ten to fifteen minutes which is okay. 


My Thai is not readily available nationwide. There are just a few branches and I need to make an effort to satisfy my cravings. I usually go to Gateway and Centris to eat in this restaurant. 

There are a lot of people eating here so I suggest you come early or book a reservation. 

Will I come back? Definitely, yes!

My Thai does not have any website and social media accounts. As far as I know, they also have branch in Eastwood.

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