How To Be A Better Version of Yourself With Snow Caps and Funny Face Yoga

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 Philippines


Improving myself has always been a challenge in many ways and most of the times, support is really needed. There are moments that I feel like I want to quit and give up my day job with its pressuring schedules and stressful environment that most of the times it made me feel like I hate my life. I just wanted a time out and stress-free. 

Amazingly, Snow Caps Glutathione is an advocate of the "Better Me" campaign and a fun filled afternoon was held last September 13, 2016 at the Sage Bar, Shangri-la Makati. Snow Caps support women to be a better versions of themselves by none other than practicing Yoga. Yoga is an exercise for the physical, spiritual and mental state of the body as it helps the body release tension. Its true that Yoga can release tension of the mind and muscles as I personally attended Yoga classes before. However, this will be my first time to try Funny Face Yoga by Ms. Vivien Tan and I cannot wait to experience it. 

Ms. Vivien Tan is a former model who started her career at 12 years old, she understands the pressure that society places on women on how to be beautiful and perfect. She was exposed to the world of fashion and beauty at such a a young age that she learned on what should beauty be. 

It is true that being exposed in an environment of beauty and fashion is really a pressure and a disaster that is about to happen. I experienced it myself because I am usually pressured by my mother in dieting and following the trends in fashion with my family. Being exposed in the society of blogging, also adds up to the pressure in knowing the latest trend in fashion and beauty. The pressure is actually quite depressing if you will let it get under your skin but remaining positive and happy is what is really important. 

Ms. Vivien Tan witnessed young girls who falls victim to this like what I experienced. Most importantly, she also understands that women gives everything of themselves just to be the perfect woman, wife and mother. With this, Ms. Vivien Tan decided to leave the world of fashion and enjoyed the role of being a wife and mother. She learned that her definition of beauty is unreal and she went on a to find the true meaning of beauty. 

Ms. Vivien Tan learned yoga as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher which includes the biggest learning of finding joy from within. To let us experience it, she illustrated the fun side of yoga that I had never seen before. 

Before the yoga session started, we dressed up with cute yoga attire provided by the event. It was given upon registration. The canvas shoes were made by Mr. Luis Espiritu, a fashion forecaster and advocate of Abaca farmers in Bicolandia. The soft robe was made by Mr. Joey Samson, Philippine High Fashion Master of Androgyny. I feel so privileged to own and wear these items personally made by young Filipino Fashion Designers. 

The Funny Face Yoga is different from what I usually attended Yoga classes from Gold's Gym. I was expecting to sweat a lot and stretched out my limbs uncomfortably but it is really different. This version is relaxing and funny. Laughing is the main goal of Funny Face Yoga to make their attendees release the tension and be happy. 

Ms. Vivien Tan shared the three kinds of exercises which includes the breathing exercises, kissing exercises (This is my favorite!) and the eye exercises. The funny thing about this is how silly each one of us look and feel while doing the exercises which is really the goal of the Funny Face Yoga session. Its a good thing that a big fan was provided if you are shy to show everyone your silly face. 

I learned something vital from this exercise and that in order to be a better version of myself, I needed to laugh. Laugh with my heart. Funny Face Yoga is easy and I could practice it everyday and anytime that i wanted to!

I realized that by simply laughing and seeing my own imperfections by making silly faces helped me accept myself more and feel the joy from within. No need to be so serious all the time, we should sometimes loosen up and enjoy life. I must remember that the beauty comes from the inside and not on how you look outside. I am feeling a little down lately due to failures and I realized that despite the difficulties, I can just show the world my biggest smile and practice the positive aspects in my life, thank you Snow Caps and Funny Face Yoga for lighting up the confidence back into myself. 

Watch a short video that I made during the event: 

Snow Caps successfully imparted their wish and advocacy to us women by supporting us on how to be better version of ourselves. Snow Caps also added another way of improving ourselves by taking care of our skin. 

The Snow Caps contains L glutathione from Kohjin Lifescience Tokyo Japan and it has 50% more glutathione content than any other expensive brands. It also has Vitamin C and alpha lipholic acid that keeps skin healthy and glowing. Glutathione is produced naturally by our liver but being exposed in an unhealthy environment and aging decreases its levels that causes our skin to dry and darken. Taking Snow Caps in a daily dose will promote radiant skin while fighting toxins because it is an effective anti-oxidant. 

I find their products effective and I love using it. With the help of Snow Caps Glutathione and enjoying life from within, we can truly shine brightly. Using the Snow Caps Glutathione daily, I can be a better me in 30 days. 

To know more about Snow Caps, visit and like their page on Facebook here. You can also visit or call (02) 927-9227. 

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