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Tuesday, September 6, 2016 Philippines


The app name, Dirty Jobs, is quite catchy. The first time that I heard about it, I was curious because I want to know what the application is for and what does the App name entails. My curiosity was appeased when I got invited to attend the official mobile launch of Dirty Jobs. 

The event was held last September 6, 2016 at DolceLatte in Quezon Avenue. Luckily, I was able to meet the people behind the new mobile app, Dirty Jobs and learn first-hand on what it is for. 

As a full time working nurse by day (or night for graveyard shifts) and blogger, I do not have the luxury of time to do my house chores. Its the main reason that I maintain a house keeper and yet even with a presence of one, there are just things that I still needed to do personally or hire someone to do it for me. 

I have so many things that I wanted to do like gardening because I want to grow my own organic vegetables, fix broken door hinges of my cabinets and even have my dogs professionally groomed. I want to do this personally but my work takes too much of my time. Most of my days offs, I spent it for sleeping and blogging. To think, the things I want to are just simple things and yet I cannot accomplish it. 

The times have changed and we now depend on digital age to get things moving and working. For example we use Uber and Grab Car to travel around Metro Manila. We use Waze and Google Maps to find places.  Amazingly, there are people who thought ahead of what we, Millenials, needed more. They were able to create a mobile app that will help me get things done with just a click of a button. 

Let me now share with you on what I learned about Dirty Jobs. I am telling you that Dirty Jobs Mobile App is something that you will appreciate using and I cannot wait to try it myself soon. 

DirtyJobs.ph is a mobile app started by friends, Emyl Eugenio, Jeffrey Part Cruz, Rayhan Ramos Eugenio and Miguel Barcial last January 2016. This company aims to offer various household and specific services through an online platforms to give us solutions to our daily needs such as laundry, water delivery, cleaning, moving assistance, renovations, car maintenance, hair and makeup, spa, pet concerns and so much more! DirtyJobs.ph had partnered with registered Service Providers that will cater to various types of service that we will need. 

DirtyJobs.ph offers affordable rates to get things done for your home. With the help of this app, I can now enjoy my rest day and still accomplish my household chores effortlessly.

Don't worry though that there will be a random people just barging into your home because DirtyJobs.ph makes sure that every Service Provider is legit and DTI registered. 

There are two ways to book a service to DirtyJobs.ph. The first is you book a service on the app and the app will verify and validate the request before the service providers deploy their services the next day. 

The other way is through bidding process, the customer can place a bid on the service they need and the service provider with the lowest bid that fits the customer's budget will get the service. This way, the customer can save more. (Just make sure to bid a realistic price because DirtyJobs.ph also monitors customers for any possible scams. They also protect the Service Providers.)

The online platform benefits both customers and Service Providers because they were put in the market. For those who just starts up their business, this is a great opportunity for you to be exposed. You can apply to be a partner Service Provider at DirtyJobs.ph. You will be connected to a network of clients, low risk in capital and brand support. DirtyJobs.ph will offer soon the DJ Express, a motorcycle delivery or pick-up service and advertisements for partners on their site and app. Together with DJ Express, DJ Elite will also be available soon. DJ Elite serves as your personal butler, just schedule what service you request and the butler will handle what provider you will need. 


Now, the biggest question, how do we pay for the services? For now, they only offer credit card payment, Paypal and you can pay it in cash after the service was done. DirtyJobs.ph will extend to Debit Card payments and other payment options soon. 

There are a lot of affiliate companies to make this amazing app successful such as Kite Academy, CE-Logic, Metro Star Realty and Development, C&E Foundation Inc., C&E Publishing Inc., and DolceLatte Cafe wherein the event was held and scrumptious snacks, dinner and coffee were continuously being served. 

You should try DolceLatte's Blended Salted Caramel, its yummy! :)

The appetizers served is from Fronen, it includes sausages and cold cuts and my favorite, cheese! The mouse inside me rejoices from the amount of cheese that I could eat. LOL.

I always visit DolceLatte to buy their famous Croughnuts and I did buy 1 box during the event to bring with me at work. I was surprised to take home more Croughnuts and Ensaymada given by DolceLatte though after the event. Yay! Want to try this? You can buy it directly from DolceLatte in their branches at 1616 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City and 5th Floor SM Mega Fashion Hall, Mega Mall.

I also get to take home sausages by Fronen that I cannot wait to share with you once cooked! Fronen is a company that offers delicious sausages and cold cuts here in the Philippines. For orders and inquiries, you can contact Fronen at 2819012 and 9295088 local 188.

A short video of the DirtyJobs.ph Launch

Anyway, I cannot wait to use the App, DirtyJobs.ph. Once I experienced it, I will share with you my review here on my blog! Its the perfect way for me to get things done and stay relaxed! 

There are some areas in Metro Manila that is not yet covered so make sure you input your address correctly upon registration. To know more about DirtyJobs.ph, you can download it for free at Playstore (Soon available on IOS) or go to their website, https://dirtyjobs.ph/. You can also contact them at 9895564. 

Have a great week ahead everyone! Goodnight! 

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