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Friday, August 19, 2016


I finally gave in my temptation to try the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade specially when my sisters and nieces are raving about it. I am scared to buy on Instagram sellers because first, I do not know if it is legit, second - my usual favorite sellers does not carry this brand. 

One night, while I am bored and just browsing from online shopping website to another, I saw that Calyxta offers authentic imported products that includes the brand, Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. I checked the shades available, my first choice is out of stock and I chose the next shade that can work for me which is the Medium Brown. I ordered to Calyxta for the first time. They offer credit card payments and what I usually do, cash on delivery. 

It was delivered after one to two days I think, I cannot remember it exactly but when I first got it, the item inside is different. It is still Anastasia but it is the pencil instead of the dipbrow pomade.

I called them immediately and learned that their warehouse is at Xend and they are the the team that packs the items. They immediately replaced my item with the correct one after two days. I also got a lipstick USB (which is totally cute) as compensation. 

My sister also ordered the 2 pieces Anastacia Dipbrow Pomade as a refill from her stash that is near empty. Unfortunately, she only got one. It is a good thing though that Calyxta fixes it right away. She got the missing item the next day. 

Why did I share this here on my blog? It is not to discourage you but for you to check your orders while the delivery man is still in your doorsstep. To avoid further delays for any needed corrections. I do not think that Calyxta has a problem with it but the team that packs their items. 

Anyway, I still enjoyed shopping there and I will still shop in the near future. Have a great weekend everyone! Check out their store on the link here.  :)

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