Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar: Juicy Pop

Saturday, August 20, 2016 Philippines


I decided that from now on I will include featuring makeups that were used on movies or television shows on my blog to review. I will use the hashtag, "Spotted" so you can easily search for it in my website using the Search Bar. 

Like this lipstick from Laneige in shade Juicy Pop, it was used by Dr. Kang at Descendants of the Sun in Episode 1 together with the Laneige BB Cushion that I already reviewed. (Link of Laneige BB Cushion review here.) 

There are other speculations though that the Dear Pink is used rather than the Juicy Pop because it is hard to see on the packaging but for me I think it is Juicy Pop that was used on this scene because this shade was launched together with the first episode of the Descendants of the Sun. I think Dear Pink is also a little darker compared to Juicy Pop as it was used by Dr. Kang on episode 9. Anyway, the trademark shade for the whole series is the Juicy Pop. Watch it here:

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It is my first time to use a gradient lipstick and I am really excited to try it. Ombre Lips here we come! If not for, Me Yeon in Descendants of the Sun, I may not try it. Thanks to my DOTS addiction now I am also hooked to their makeups! Shall we proceed to the review? Yes!

Brand: Laneige

Type: Two Tone Lip Bar

Finish: Combination of Matte and Gloss Lipstick

Shade: Juicy Pop (No. 11)

Product Description and Ingredients: Written in Korean. I am sorry. :)

The lipstick's design and shape is new to me. Instead of circular or square, the shape of the base is rectangular. Also, it has a button that I can slide from side to side to show and return the lipstick inside the case. Watch the video below on how to let the lipstick out. 


I love any beauty product when I know that it has been sealed by the manufacturer. This way, I know that my lipstick is really new and authentic. The instructions are written in Korean but according to research, it is a reminder on how to use the button of the lipstick properly. 

Since it is my first time to use a gradient lipstick, I wondered why the shade is done diagonally. I learned though that it is to put the lighter shades on the outer portion of the lips. All I have to do is to turn the lipstick upside down for my upper lips. 

I am amazed that for a gradient lipstick, this one lasts long and leaves a nice and even stain after eating. It is a combination of matte and glossy lipstick. The matte is the darker shade and the gloss is the yellow shade. The lipstick is moisturizing to my lips. 

I did not expect that the lipstick is soft and easy to apply and I am happy with it. I also love that it is highly pigmented. 

The lipstick is easy to blend together with the use of thumb or cotton buds. Overall, I like that it looks natural that is great for every day use and for no makeup look. 


I always have to keep in mind the correct way of using the lipstick in and out because it is reversed. Anyway, I could get used to it. 

Since my lips are darker compared to Dr. Kang. (I am NC20 user.) The lightness of the pink is not seen on me. So to maximize the look, I had to do put a concealer over my lips before applying this lipstick in order to create the ombre look and to let the real color of the Juicy Pop show. *My sample photos of my lips below are with concealer under the lipstick*


Before Blending

After Blending

Is it close enough? LOL. Just kidding. I mean the lipstick shade. My lips are just darker compared to her. :) (Photo of Dr. Kang using the Juicy Pop not mine.)

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1200-1250php (I bought this at Althea Korea for 870php because this shade is always out of stock at Laneige stores in the Philippines. I had to order it online direct from Althea Korea.)

Where to buy? Laneige stores. 

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