Oishi Snacktacular 2016: My Experience

Saturday, July 16, 2016 Philippines


Last year, I was able to watch video of my co-bloggers and friends enjoying the Oishi Snacktacular activities. I haven't tried it yet and I am so happy when Ms. Earth of www,earthlingorgeous.com asked me to cover for her and be her representative at the Oishi Snacktacular 2016. (Thank you so much Earth!)

Who am I to refused this great offer? Plus, my co-blogger and friend Rochelle of www.rochellerivera.com will also go to the event and she included my boyfriend as her "Plus 1" because she advised that I need a helping hand to carry my snacks home. (Imagine me, forcefully dragging my boyfriend to go with me at Oishi Snacktacular Event. LOL.)

The event this year is located at Mall of Asia Music Hall and it lasts for three days from July 15, 2016 until July 17, 2016. Oishi prepared a lot of activities for us to enjoy and I am sharing it with you in awhile. 

Oishi's Snacktacular 2016 was graced with the presence of Team O! I was able to see Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo and Ramon Bautista, Slater Young and Alex Gonzaga. 

It is not yet too late to catch them and greet them personally because you still have July 17 to enjoy the last day. Get a surprise as Oishi will also introduce their newest Team O member, Ms. Maine Mendoza!!!

Upon registration, we were given passports and stickers to use at the activities. There are 8 booths that I needed to complete during the event to be able to join the raffle, contest and be able to get my souvenir. For each booth, the passport will be stamped and signed. Ten people with the highest points during the three-days event will get a prize from Oishi. 

There are a lot of people during the event so expect long lines for each activity. 

The first activity that I tried is the most I am excited about. It is the famous Human Claw Crane! Yay! Make sure that you wear a comfortable clothing because you need to be prepared and ready to sweat in the activities available. 

The booths are not free so make sure you bring extra money. Playing this Human Claw Crane costs 200php. You will earn points by playing this game. Each snack you get is equivalent to one point. I managed to get 37 snacks so it is equals to 37 points. 

Watch my video playing the Human Claw Crane: 
*Note, my boyfriend played it too and he managed to get a lot!

Photo taken by Rochelle

The next booth that we tried is the Snack Shack! It is my favorite booth. I could hoard my favorite snack on this activity. All you have to do is to fit all your snacks in a 2 feet bag and still manage to seal it in just one minute. If you cannot seal it, anything in excess will be removed. The weight of the products that you will get will be equivalent to points. My points is 237 for this round. 

Playing the Snack Shack costs 295php. The bag is worth it though.

Photo taken by Rochelle

The last interactive activity is the Cuckoo Blaster. A pingpong ball thrower machine will be used. It will dispense 100 balls and you need to catch every ball that you can. Playing this game will cost 100php but you will get a bag full of Oishi snacks in return. The balls that you were able to catch will be equivalent to points. I got 15 balls and they multiplied it to 10 so I have 150 points for playing this game. 

Watch me and my boyfriend play the Cuckoo Blaster!

Phew! Doing all of these activities made me hungry and thirsty, it is a good thing that Oishi had it covered. 

I enjoyed making my own snacks at the Make Your Own Snack Booth. Choose a maximum of two bases and two flavors for your bag of snack. This booth costs 20php and you will also get 20 points. 

This photo is supposed to be a selfie...that photobomber though...LOL! :)

The slushie is made from Oishi juices. Its the perfect thirst quencher during the event. The flavors available are Calamansi, Pomelo and Orange. One order of slushie from the Slush C costs 20php and you will also get 20 points. 

Of course, food will not be complete without a dessert! Enjoy a cup of sundae twirl made from Oishi milks at the Oishi Twirl Booth. One cup costs 20php and buying one will also earn you 20 points. 

I can't help but to post this video. I am amazed on how they gave me my dessert because it reminded me of Tetris:

There is a booth that showcases the Oishi for its years of making us enjoy snacks as well as their influence in Asia. 

The last booth for me to be able to complete the passport is to have our picture taken at the Oishi Prawn Snack studio. Sharing the photo in social media will give you an additional of 50 points. 

After completing all the activities, you can exchange your passport for a raffle entry and Oishi T-Shirt!

Yay! I am so happy with all the snacks that me and my boyfriend were able to take home! 

For an Oishi Wow Experience, get ready and join the Oishi Snacktacular 2016!!! Oishi will have this event again next year and I hope I could join it again! Its an experience that you must try! 

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