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Sunday, July 17, 2016 Philippines


Bioessence Oxygen Ceutical Treatments just turned one year this July and they have amazing promos in stored for us. The premium deal is if you buy 3 treatments, you will get another one for free. (Buy 3 take 1) For every purchase of 3, you will also get a free silk Bathrobe from Bioessence. 

For every Oxygen Product Purchase, you will get a free Bioessence Pouch Wristlet. Last, if you buy treatment and products of Oxygen Ceutical for at least 10,000php, you will get a free bathroom slippers!

This promo is applicable for the month of July only in celebration of its first birthday. 

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend their pajama themed birthday party at the Bioessence Gold Branch in West Avenue. I love their blue pajama dresses, it is so cute! 

Food and drinks are also served at the party. They even have a birthday cake for Oxygen Ceuticals! 

Bioessence Gold graciously let me experience one of their Oxygen Ceutical Treatments called Intensilite Treatment that does a healthy whitening of the skin from within. 

The Intensilite Treatment combines 10 perfect blend of Oxygen Ceuticals products made from finest ingredients proven to keep skin soft and supple. The treatment includes carefully executed steps to bring into the skin the Oxygen Ceuticals ingredients and bring out the skin's most naturally healthy white. The procedure is done with high grade machines and latest technology in the whitening industry. The treatment will last for at least two hours. So be ready to free your mind and relax, let Bioessence do all the work for a healthier skin. 

I was asked to changed into their nice robe before the procedure because the treatment is extended to my neck and to my clavicles. 

Shameless selfie while waiting for my therapist. :)

This is the second time that I had a facial done by Bioessence and as I can remember I love their procedure of letting me inhale an aromatic and relaxing scent from their hands while they were massaging my head in preparation for the facial treatment. 

Cleansing of my skin is the first step that they did after a short minute of massaging my head. The cleanser is foamy and refreshing. The therapist also lightly massaged my skin while doing the cleansing.

After cleansing they wiped the cleanser off and prepared my skin for the Oxygen Infusion. 

They used an airbrush-like machine for the infusion of Oxygen. This is my first time to have an Oxygen treatment with a machine used. I am scared that it will hurt but it is not. The feeling of the mist from the oxygen machine is actually cold and refreshing. My skin feels smooth after the oxygen infusion. 

After the oxygen infusion, my skin was exposed to steam for about 10 minutes. 

For the next step, another machine was used. It is also my first time to encounter the Skin Bella. The therapist explained that the Skin Bella is for exfoliation of dead skin cells. The machine works like a vacuum. It reminded me of a diamond peel. 

The Intensilite Treatment includes extraction of black/white heads. Its a little uncomfortable though I admit I never liked extractions. Every time I do this on a facial, I just keep repeating the mantra inside my head, "No pain, No gain". 

After the extraction, I am excited to try the next step. They placed an eye protection on me. Find out why on my next photos!

Ta-Da! I am the "Mask"! This machine is called Photodynamic Therapy or PDT. It is hard to speak while I have the mask on but the purpose of this mask is to whiten dark spots on my skin. This step lasted for 10 minutes in my estimate. Don't worry, the mask did not hurt at all and I can breathe fine. 

The PDT is followed again with oxygen infusion. 

The next step is the application of a whitening mask. The mask is cold upon application and when it hardened, I can feel that my skin tightens with it. The mask was left on my face for about 10 minutes. 

After the mask was removed and my face was cleaned, a whitening serum and post-facial creams were applied on my skin. The whole experience is refreshing and relaxing. I actually fell asleep on most parts, in fact if I am not taking note on every step, I may have fallen asleep on the whole procedure...LOL. 

Phew, that summarizes my 2 hours Intensilite Treatment by Bioessence. Even after the procedure, I can still feel my skin tightened. It feels smooth and supple. 

I took a photo of my before and after of the facial. The after photo was taken the morning after my facial because right after the facial, my skin is a little inflamed from the extractions. 

As you can easily see on my photos, my skin did whiten and it has a glowing look. The dark spots on my forehead and right cheek also lightened a a little in one treatment. My skin also looked cleaner after the treatment.  I did not experience any break-outs after the Intensilite Treatment. Plus, the whole treatment experience is refreshingly good and non-traumatic. 

The treatment was done in Bioessence Gold Branch in West Avenue but this facial is available in all of their branches. The Intensilite Treatment costs 5,000php and if you avail their promo of buying 3 sessions, you will get 1 for free plus a free silk Bioessence Bathrobe. Promo is until July 2016 only. 

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