Celeteque DermoScience: Facial Wash With NMF

Friday, July 15, 2016 Philippines


Facial wash is one of the products that I am not afraid to try and change from one brand to another. I enjoy using different varieties monthly and so far I do not experience any untoward effects on my skin. 

I got this facial wash from the last Celeteque Event that I was able to join and this is my first time to try this facial wash by Celeteque DermoScience. 

This facial wash has NMF and what does it stand for? It is Natural Moisturizing Factor. The NMF restores skin's moisture balance and still able to clean the face gently and effectively. 

I am excited to share my thoughts and experience with it!

Brand: Celeteque 

Line: DermoScience

Type: Facial Wash

Weight: Available in 250ml, 100ml and 60ml (I got both the 250ml and 100ml from the event.)

Product Description: 

How To Use: 



The facial wash is gentle and mild on my skin. The scent is light but citrus like, it works fine with me. No breakouts noted. 

The wash is watery but it lathers well. It leaves a little residue after rinsing but it is non-greasy. The residue left is more of moisture left on my face. This is included in their wash, that it has a natural moisturizing factor. 



The facial wash was not able to remove my water-proof makeup so I cannot use this directly if I have a makeup on. I need to remove it with a makeup remover first. 

The tube (100ml) is hard to control in dispensing the right amount of facial wash needed. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 60ml - 75php
          100ml - 118php
          250ml - 270php

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