Etude: Color My Brows #4 Natural Brown

Monday, July 18, 2016 Philippines


Hello everyone! Just this month I colored my hair in a lighter shade and all of my stash of eyebrow powders and pencils are in a darker shade so I needed to use a new one and I got one. 

Honestly, I found this shade from my old stash that is still sealed. Its a great thing that it did not dried up from my storage. 

I bought this from an Ebay and Facebook Seller, SkinLiCious Korean Cosmetics Store while it was on sale. I got this 265php only instead of the usual 370+php.

I love Etude Brow Mascaras, it is the first product that I learned to use on my brows. Until today, I continue using it. 

Let us now check it out!

Brand: Etude

Type: Color My Brows

Shade: #4 Natural Brown

Weight: 4.5g

Product Description: 



From all the eyebrow mascaras that I was able to try, the Etude's version is matte. I prefer the matte-looking eyebrows because it looks more natural. 

The color is highly pigmented and it can color my brows in its sparse areas to make it look fuller. One dip of the wand from the container is enough to color one brow. 

The brow mascara lasts long that I do not need to bring it with me for touch-ups. It has wax that tames my brows and also provides nutrition and moisture. 

I love its wand, it makes it easier to apply. It is small and the tip is pointed. 

I recommend it for people with light shades of brown hair. It paired with my Liese Milk Tea Brown shade of hair perfectly. 


The content dries easily. It lasts for less than a month if used daily, it is affordable but if I have to buy it frequently, it may hurt my monthly budget for makeups. 


Sorry, no lipstick yet on my photo. I look pale. 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 378php (As far as I can remember, unless the price hiked up.)

Where to buy? I got mine for 265php at SkinLiCious but you can easily buy it in any Etude Stores. 

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