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Thursday, June 23, 2016 Philippines


I have this thing wherein I always look at one product that I like but never buying it (even the affordable ones). That one product is the sharpener from Beauty Bar. Whenever I hold it in my hand, I hesitate in buying it because I feel like I do not need it because I seldom use eye pencils. 

The other day though while I was roaming around in Beauty Bar at Trinoma with my boyfriend's sister, I decided to really buy this. I just got a new eye pencil that I love (Makeup Forever Aqua XL) and I wanted to have a nice sharpener for it. 

The sharpener from Beauty Bar has a silicone case to keep it clean. I personally like this because it will protect it from dusts. The sharpener can accommodate two types of pencil. 

The sharpener is on sale. Its original price is 195php but I got it for 50.75php. There are many stocks left at Beauty Bar at the time that I bought it, just in case you are interested to buy. 

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