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Friday, June 24, 2016 Philippines


I attended an event from Bioessence last April 2016 and after the skin consultation done, I was given this Acnetrol Set that will match on what my skin needs. 

I am oily in my T-zone area which means I have a combination skin type. The excess sebum can lead to acne formation with its associated symptoms of skin inflammation, bacterial proliferation and clogged pores though sometimes hormonal changes and genetic predisposition can also be a factor. 

The Acnetrol that the Bioessence carefully designed is targeted for skin clarity. It is the skin's best defense against breakouts and excess oils with proven safe ingredients like sulfur, salicylic acid and clindamycin. 

The sulfur kills off bacteria and dries pimples while the Salicylic Acid exfoliated and sheds dead skin cells by decreasing redness and inflammation. It also unclogs pores to allow sebum to flow out freely. 

Let me now share my experience in each product through its step by step of use. 


Of course, after removing my makeup the next thing that I always do is washing my face. The SSA soap's main ingredients is made up of sulfur and salicylic acid to help prevent acne. It is suited for oily and pimple-prone skin. 

I use it twice a day as recommended to reach the best result. I lather and massage it onto my skin, I wait for it to be dry first before rinsing it off. 

The soap lathers well and it does not leave any residue on my skin after rinsing. My skin feels smooth and supple after use. I know it is effective in targeting my acne because it stings on my current pimples.

However, I do not particularly like its strong scent. It has a space for the expiration date but it is not listed. 

The bar soap weighs 90g and it does not melt easily so this soap will last me more than one month even if I use it twice a day. The soap costs 150php.


Toner may be taken for granted by others but it is an important part of a skin care regimen. It restores the PH balance of our skin to make it healthy and glowing. 

The right way to use it is to pour a small amount into a cotton pad and gently pat it into the skin. Yes, pat it and do not rub. Let your skin absorb the toner and let it dry naturally. I use this once a day because I find it a little strong if I use it twice a day. If you are going to buy this, ask for instructions on how frequent you are required to use this. 

The expiration date is indicated on the box. The bottle weighs 150ml and it costs 320php. 

The toner's scent is also quite strong. It stings a lot on my current pimples but it helped in drying my pimples faster. 

Just be careful not to spill it or left the container opened because it crystallizes. 


From all of the products that are included in this skin care regimen, this AB Liquid is my favorite. The Acnetrol AB Liquid contains a concentrated amount of Clindamycin antibiotic for a more intensive treatment of pimples, severe acne and other infected skin disorder. It reminded me of Proactiv treatment. 

I use it on areas that only has pimples and skin inflammations which I suspect is a forming pimple. I leave it for a few minutes to be fully absorbed before I apply any other products over on my skin. 

The expiration date is not listed on the box. The bottle contains 30ml of the liquid and it costs 380php. 

This AB liquid is effective in making my pimples dry quickly and remain infection-free but I am already telling you to expect it to sting a lot. It feels warm and burning upon application but the sensation disappears after a few seconds.  Remember, it is a spot-on treatment. 


The last part of the skin care set that I got is this Acne Drying Lotion that extracts to clear acne and also give a spot on treatment. It helps reduce sebum production. 

This should be used at night and can be applied to all over face and infected areas. 

The expiration date is indicated on the box and it weighs 150ml and costs 450php. 

I am not sure if this can serve as your moisturizer but I find it drying to my skin if I skip a regular moisturizer. I use additional moisturizer over it. Actually this skin care set Acnetrol does not have a moisturizer in its routine. It is effective in preventing formations of further acne. It has a milder scent compared to the other products of Acnetrol and it does not sting to pimples. This is the most gentle product from the Acnetrol line. 

Overall, my experience with this Acnetrol is great, no break outs noted and it prevented my skin in forming more acne. For the drying of pimples it takes more time to work compared to Proactiv but it still is effective in drying my current pimples. It is affordable, the total of these four products is just 1300php. It will last more than a month so not bad for a skin regimen. I hope that in their next batches they can improve the scent of its products, I just find it too strong for me.

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