Care Before You Color: The Caronia Salon Care

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 Philippines


Even though I am forbidden to wear nail polish at work, I need to take care for my nails and keep it clean. Caronia has been trusted for decades and this is the brand that I grew up to. It is what my grandmother and mother uses. It has been passed on from one generation to another. Caronia has provided us Filipinas to express who we are through our colorful nails. In any outfit, we can simply match the color with our nails. Caronia is a pioneer and leading nail polish brand that has a wide collection of vibrant colors to add style to a fashionable you. 

However, is style worth it if our nails are not clean? What if our manicure is chipped? Awful, right? Good thing is that Caronia, as always, is here to save the day with their Caronia Salon Care! Caronia shares with us these mani-pedi essentials to equip us in preparing our nails before applying our colorful nail art. 

The Salon Care comes in three variants namely the Caronia Nail Polish Remover, Cuticle Remover and the Cuticle Sanitizer which help clear the way for a gentle mani-pedi experience and sees to it that the true colors will stand out. It is available in four sizes, 30ml, 60ml, 125ml and 250ml at any major retailers, supermarkets, department stores and drug stores nationwide. 

The nail polish remover can easily wipe away the left overs from my previous manicure for a smoother color application. After that, rubbing the Cuticle Remover can get rid of overgrown cuticles and achieve a cleaner palette. The last part of cleaning is the use of Cuticle Sanitizer to disinfect our nails for a healthier-looking polish. 

Now, with the help of Caronia Salon Care set, I can be as stylish as anytime that I wanted to without the need to worry about the colors chipping off. I can only trust the experts in nail care to keep things colorful and be stylish any time of the day, thanks to Caronia. 

Caronia by Vibelle Manufacturing Corporation is the pioneering and time-tested nail care brand for the hip and trendy. With over 72 colors in its collection, women are given more opportunities to express and channel their creativity. To get more information and updates about the Caronia, visit or follow them on their social media accounts. Facebook - Caronia Philippines, for Instagram and Twitter - @CaroniaPh.

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