Asus ZenPower: 10050mAh

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 Philippines


I am not a tech blogger but I just wanted to share that I this powerbank by Asus. Since I am always out, I needed to depend on a good power bank to recharge my mobile phone because all of my previous power banks failed me. I researched and found out that Asus offers high quality power bank with affordable price. 

I found this power bank being sold at Automatic Centre, I am supposed to directly at Asus store but its already available and the sale price is same with Asus store so I did not hesitate in buying one for myself and I got the color pink. I realized though that my boyfriend always accompanies me in my events and I wanted to give one to him as a sign of my gratitude. He can use it to recharge his mobile phone and Ipod Touch that he frequently uses for his Clash of Clans game. I bought the blue one for him. Its a perfect His and Her items that we now have. I suggest that this can be a good gift for anniversaries to your special someone. 

Anyway, the power bank of Asus called Asus ZenPower is available in colors Gold, Silver, Black, Pink and Blue. The case is made of aluminum. Its size is as big as a credit card and the thickness is at an inch or lesser. The power bank is small and it fitted my palm perfectly. The power bank's weight is 215g, not bad right?

The mobile phone on the picture is Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The power bank came with its manual and warranty card to any Asus Service Center as well as its Micro USB Cable for charging. The initial charging and usual charging time of the power bank if the battery is low takes 6 hours charging time. The crew at the Automatic Centre told me to charge it only if the last two or last light is the only left blinking. She suggested that I should wait for the power bank to be drained or almost drained before I charge it again. 

The USB port of the power bank is covered by a sticker. It has a 4 lights for indication of battery power. 

The charging power of the Asus ZenPower is 10050mAh and it can charge multiple times depending on your device. I use Samsung Galaxy Note 3, I started using the power bank when my phone was only at 10%. It took 2 to 3 hours of charging time before it was fully recharged and it still left 3 lights on my power bank. I can fully charge my mobile phone two to three times using this power bank. 

Just check your device battery's charging capacity so you will know on up to how many times you can use the power bank to re-charge your mobile. 

I love it and I am happy with it specially with its affordable price. The Asus ZenPower 10050mAh only costs 795php! I think it is better than using the China made power banks being sold everywhere for at least 1000php. 

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