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Monday, June 20, 2016 Philippines


Rachel Zoe once said that, "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" do you agree? I agree to that because ever since I was little, I was taught by my family that I should dress on how I wanted to be addressed. It is our own responsibility to feel comfortable and great both at the same time. 

The problem is, most of the times it is hard to find a designer clothes within a reasonable price. I suffer from this dilemma too. I want many style of clothes that looks elegant but my wallet is protesting! 

Last June 14 to 16 of the year 2016, SM made it possible for us to dress up in our taste within our means. SM with its brand SM Woman and Girls Teen Wear converted the whole 3rd floor of SM Makati to display their latest fabulous collection of clothes and in celebration of all women's style, personalities and shapes. 

I am delighted to be part of this celebration because I wanted to feel more confident. The night of fashion runway happening right in front of my eyes is amazing, just by watching it made me feel elated. Do you think I can join the runway too with my photo below? LOL. Kidding, as much as I wanted to, I do not have the talent to pose nor to walk gracefully. :)

After the drinks and snacks, the event started by the host sharing what the night will unfold as they will introduce the latest collection of clothes by SM Woman. 

The runway was opened by SM's new brand ambassadors, Ms. Amina Aranaz (Accessories Designer, SOFA founder and Fashion Entrepreneur) and Ms. Teresa Herrera (Model, Host and Art Entrepreneur). 

Watch the Runway Show here: 

Did your eyes catch something particular that you like? Me? I love the new collection and I want to buy most of it ASAP! The clothes are perfect for a career woman, for everyday look and even for parties! Check out my shots of each clothing modeled at the runway show and share to me what is your favorite!

Teresa Herrera

Amina Aranaz

The excitement from watching the runway show right in front of me gave me the energy to shop as soon as its over! I am so happy that I will be able to shop these minimalist pieces in a exclusive shopping spree for two hours and that I was given gift certificates for shopping! Yay!!!

I am with my fellow blogger friends and we were so excited to shop and look around for the new collection of clothes by SM Woman. Watch how excited we are after entering the Department Store! Can you spot the model behind my back? They are roaming around inside the Department Store, modelling the minimalist pieces by SM Woman. (OMG she's so tall and I am so short...LOL)

There is also a sale ongoing and most of the pieces are at 50% off! I cannot decide on which part to look first, its quite overwhelming but not complaining here...I am so excited!

I was able to buy something in my two hours of shopping and the price ranges from 350php to 1500php. Affordable, right? Still, the quality is great. I definitely recommend their clothes specially if you need to change your wardrobe anytime soon. I also had fun shopping because music are being mixed and played by DJ Rammy Bitong.

Now I know I got what it takes to be driven, remarkable and beautiful because I am a woman. To be driven is someone who sets a goal and pursues it relentlessly regardless of the journey. There is no such thing as an instant success because true success comes from years of hard work and perseverance. To be driven, being resourceful is also important to make things happen because challenges encourage us to do better. We should not stop dreaming and thinking of something new. We can create beautiful things and set an example to the new generation. 

As such and with the help of wearing the new minimalist pieces by SM Woman, I know I can be remarkable and create my own world that I dreamed about because I am beautiful, I am driven, I am SM Woman. 

Of course I am also happy to share my collection of photos with the remarkable bloggers who inspired me to do better each day. 

With Rochelle of www.rochellerivera.com

With Krissy of www.krissyfied.com

I bought this blouse and plain black shorts during the event for my everyday wear. It is easy to pair up with my other clothes at home. 

I love its fit, quality and design that I cannot wait to shop for my next SM Woman clothes. 

There are still some items at 50% off so head on to the nearest SM Department Store and check out their new collection. 

To know more about SM Woman, you can get updated by following their social media accounts at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SMWoman/?fref=ts
Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest: @smwoman, @gtwbysm

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