PeriPera: Peri's Tint Water in Shade #1 Cherry Juice

Thursday, March 10, 2016


The liquid tints that I use is usually from Benefit and The Body Shop, so far I am happy with my experience with them. Both are non-Asian brand and I wanted to try a liquid tint that is made for Asian skin. Through various searches, I read before that PeriPera are famous for their liquid tints that it is also comparable to Benefit's tints but PeriPera is designed for solely for the lips and not the cheeks. Even though I wanted to try one, it is not available in the Philippines. 

Thanks to Althea Korea it is now possible to get Korean items that are not readily available here in the Philippines. Hence, I was able to get my dream liquid tint from PeriPera. 

Its the collector (or more of a hoarder?) inside of me that I wanted to start with the first shade for my review. Although I want to review all the shades I have to stick on a budget and I am starting by reviewing one shade at a time.

The packaging of this PeriPera is cute specially with its cartoon design. I have a thing for nicely and cutely made products specially on cosmetics, it just makes my day. Anyway, I will now focus back on the review before I get sidetracked. 

Brand: PeriPera

Type: Tint Water

Shade: 1 - Cherry Juice

Weight: 8ml

Product Description: (Written in Korean)

From Althea's website: PeriPera's Tint Water is a lightweight juice-inspired lip stain that covers lips with a single swipe of the included wand. Formulated with nourishing fruit complexes, it is a long-lasting, super bright color. 

Ingredients: (Written in Korean) I can't find a list of ingredients online and even PeriPera's website is in Korean language only.


PeriPera's Tint Water can be used for all skin types. No worries of the tint not working for your skin just because its dry or oily. 

The first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle is the scent, it smells good and fruity. I love using products that smells good. 

The consistency is watery than creamy so it is very easy to spread, blend and be absorbed into the skin 

The bottle will last long because one glide of the sponge brush is enough to coat the lips. When I tried it on my cheeks, no need to dip it again because the amount of liquid on the sponge is enough to color both my cheeks. Also, the expiration is 12 months upon opening. 

This is supposed to be for lips only but since it is water based, I also tried to use it as a cheek tint. (I love experimenting.) Honestly, I find it better as a cheek tint than lip tint. 

As a lip tint, it looks like a natural lips but better because it gives a pinkish look. It lasts for a few hours only, I need to re-apply again specially after eating and drinking. I tried using this as a base then applied my nude lipsticks over it, the nude lipstick looked even more natural. 

As a cheek tint, it gave my cheeks a nice glow and it lasts longer compared when used as a lip tint. It survived my 16 hours shift, it faded but the color left is enough that no re-touch is needed. I get compliments whenever I use it as a blush. According from them, it has a natural blushing look with a glow. (I did not use any highlighters when I used it as a blush. Check out my photos below.)

It is an affordable lip tint with a nice packaging! 

The sponge brush on the cap is great, it takes just the right amount of tint. Most of the times though, I dab it a little inside the bottle to remove too much tint on the sponge. Believe me, its highly pigmented, so it is better to apply a thin layer then just build it up. 


Another reason that I prefer to use it as a cheek tint instead of a lip tint is because it tastes really bitter. I have the habit of tasting my lip products and this one is the worst tasting lip color that I tried. It is like I am tasting a chemical. 

As a lip tint, it does not last long and can easily be removed by eating or drinking. Sadly, it causes my lips to dry and flake after a few hours of use.


I used the PeriPera's Tint Water Shade 1 as a cheek and lip tint on this photo. I did not use any highlighters, can you observe the glow on my cheeks? The tint water gives this glowing blush look when used as a cheek tint.

Buy again? 100% (If I will use it as a cheek tint, yes I will buy it again. I also wanted to try the other shades.)

Overall Rating: 4/5 (I would give it a 5 if the taste is okay.)

Price: I got it for 260php in Althea Korea. (The original price is 420php)

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