Enjoy Summer With Caronia's Popsicle Collection!

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Summer is the season for fun and wearing bold colors. If you will observe closely, most fashion stores will start selling colorful collection of clothes before the summer even started. Most colors are happy shades! It just reflects that summer is really the season for fun.

As I am already starting to feel the heat of the summer, I can now balance the heat by refreshing with Caronia's new cool shades.

The four new shades are perfect to use for any occasion and you can use it to celebrate the summer season with you. 

The colors were inspired by one of the most loved food like ice cream like popsicles and these shades can also partner our summer outfits anytime!

When I want a fresh and natural look that I can also use for work everyday because of its nude shade, I can use Caronia's Peach Perfect shade, a color that is nude with a touch of pink for a rosy look. This shade is glossy. 

When I wanted to use a shade that is fun and vibrant, I can use Caronia's Lemon Cool that is a happy yellow shade with a glossy finish. 

You love to party? This shade reminded me of alcohol...the Caronia's Tequila Sunrise is a subdued red orange color that has a matte finish. Yes, its matte! 

My favorite shade among this Popsicle Collection, the Caronia Brain Freeze has a matte finish with the shade of pale blue shade that is alluring. I can't stop looking at my fingertips because its so nice!

Amazing new collection of colors, right? So do not miss out and buy a set of this because they will also be releasing a limited number of Popsicle Collection set of Sticky Note Pad for free when you purchase a set of this Popsicle Collection. Enjoy summer and proudly show your nails that celebrates with the summer season.

Caronia by Vibelle Manufacturing Corporation is the pioneering and time-tested nail care brand for the hip and trendy. With over 72 colors in its collection, women are given more opportunities to express and channel their creativity. 

Follow Caronia's social media accounts to get updates on what is new, you can visit their website here. For Facebook, you can go here. For Instagram and Twitter, follow @caroniaph.

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