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Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I am so happy when I got an email for a event last February because it is my first event for the year 2016! Sorry but event invites makes me really happy and I get excited whenever I get one. It is also a first for me to attend an event regarding fitness, so imagine the feeling of no idea on what will be held. 

The event was held last February 29 at The Relish in Tomas Morato. I don't know what will enlighten at the event but I am beyond excited. 

The event was located at the second floor of The Relish. I like the warm cozy feel of the venue.

I arrived just in time and I was able to get  a good spot in front. Its a nice place to watch and listen about the program 

I am so happy to see the bloggers who inspires me to continue what I am doing now. It feels nice to see them up close, Ms. Say, Ms. Sam and Ms. Joyce. 

The event started with Ms. Marcie Linao's opening speech as she introduced the great people behind Allura as well as the living proof of success of Allura. Allura was founded in 2010 through concerted effort of a group of elite professionals who have pooled their individual knowledge, expertise and extensive experience of almost two decades in beauty enhancement and slimming industry. 

Allura aims to provide individually designed non-surgical medical aesthetic treatments to help our clients look better and feel better without having to undergo risky surgical procedures. 

Allura's team is composed of professionals in various aspects of medical and allied medical services like doctors, licensed nurses and physical therapist. 

Beside my table are the medical professionals behind Allura as well as the people that will share their success stories about their body goals. 

I am so happy when I saw Ms. Ara Mina because the last time that I saw her she is so nice and fun to talk to. 

Sorry I can't let the opportunity pass without a selfie, I took this chance before the program starts. 

The program started with Dr. Manuel Ma, the owner of Allura and Medical Director of Allura Body Contour and Slimming Center gave his speech. Dr. Ma's specialty is general surgery and he is a Board-certified general surgeon. He graduated from MCU-FDT College of Medicine and Surgery and he was able to complete his residency at Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center where he is also currently consultant under the Department of Surgery. Aside from his specialty, his practice also involves more than 12 years experience in slimming and body contouring using non-invasive techniques. Thanks to his keen interest in this field he constantly updates himself with the latest in non-invasive body slimming and contouring technology both local and abroad. 

The exciting part that I looked forward to is the part wherein the guests will share their success stories with Allura. Its nice to see the successful stories and the people who can inspire me in actual through this event.

I am awe-struck with Ms. Chloe's beauty. She shared that she can now lose weight without getting too tired by working out with the use of Thermo-lipolysis. 

Ms. Catheryn Amparo also shared on how Allura helped her achieve her body goals compared to other regimen that she was able to try. Allura has been the most successful help in reaching her body goals. 

Another success story is shared and she also appreciates that Allura's procedures are painless and non-traumatic.

As a doctor, he felt that he should be looking fit that is why he also seek Allura's help. Dr. Tolentino's story is a success too. 

Last but not the least, Ms. Ara Mina shared that her favorite is Thermo-lipolysis because she can lose weight and relax at the same time. She is busy and while having the Thermo-lipolysis, she can sleep during the procedure. Ms. Ara Mina is also Allura's endorser. 

After the event, I took the time to have my caricature done which is a part of the program. Its my first time to get a caricature and it is so cute. Its amazing how the artist does her job well. A talent that I envy. 

Does it look like me? :)

The souvenir from the event partners my caricature, I will display this art in my room with the nice glass photo frame. 

I got a voucher for one treatment and I am excited to try it then share my experience here on my blog. Watch out for my post. Yay, I want to try it soon! 

Of course, I need to have selfies with my blogger friends before the day ends...

That's it for my post about the event that I attended. To know more about Allura, just follow them on their social media accounts.

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