Farmstay: Grape Stem Cell Wrinkle Lifting Cream

Thursday, November 5, 2015


I hear positive reviews from skin care products made with stem cell components. Stem Cell is known to do miraculous works in terms of health or skincare. I got a jar of Stem Cell Cream from Farmstay and this will be my first time to try it. 

The jar has a lid for protection to avoid spillage of the cream. 

Brand: Farmstay

Type: Anti-Aging Moisturizer (Grape Stem Cell)

Weight: 50ml

Product Description and How To Use:



The cream is really rich and thick but I did not have a hard time applying and spreading it on my skin. 

Farmstay made a great combination by combining grape extracts with stem cell. Grapes are known to help fight aging since it is rich in vitamins. Grape stem cells are famous for its regenerative effect for skin. 

When I used this continuously, I noticed that my skin became smoother and softer after a few days of use. After 2 weeks, my facial skin is firmer specially on the cheeks and skin near my ears. I did not notice any improvement on wrinkles yet but I will continue to use it to observe more visible effects.

I love that this moisturizer is unscented because it will stay overnight on my face, I prefer to use moisturizers that is fragrance free.


I noticed that my skin became oily upon waking up. I guess this is the effect of the cream, it truly hydrated my skin.


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 900php

Where to buy? Zalora, Lazada,

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