Farmstay: All-In-One Whitening Peeling Gel Kiwi

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Who loves to exfoliate their skin, raise your hand! I love doing it (at least twice a week) that sometimes I feel that my skin is already too raw or dry. LOL. Anyway, exfoliating at least once a week is a must to remove dead skin cells that remains attached to our skin. 

I usually use the brand Cure from Japan because I find it gentle for my skin and still do its job. Now, I am excited to try this new Peeling Gel from Farmstay! It is also available in apple. Just like the other items I received from Farmstay, this one is sealed tightly.

Brand: Farmstay

Type: Exfoliant (Kiwi)

Weight: 180ml

Product Description: The Kiwi exract supplies necessary moisture on the skin to keep the soft healthy skin and also this whitening functional peeling gel manages old keratins and supply necessary nutrition for normal skin activity to make clear and clean skin. 

How To Use and Ingredients:


Affordable and one tube will really last me long. The tube contains 180ml of peeling gel! 

Using the all-in-one whitening peeling gel is easy, I just have to wet my face a little and rub a drop or two of the gel into my facial skin. It is gentle and I did not feel any sting after using it. 

My skin instantly became smoother and softer after one use. I also noticed that it lightened my skin and any signs of sebum and dirt was removed. (Check my before and after photo below) My skin may looked raw after use and the pimples became noticeable but I really felt clean. There is also an added bonus of a little natural blush on my cheeks after the use of Kiwi Whitening Peeling Gel of Farmstay.

I am happy with my experience, I get to gently exfoliate my skin regularly in an affordable price. I now have a new addiction added for my skin care regimen. 


I get distracted with the scent, don't get me wrong it smells fine but a little strong for my taste. I may try the Apple variant for my next tube. My fingers got all the residue after rubbing the product onto my skin, expect the need for slight effort in washing your hands after use. Make sure to have a soap on stand by.


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 500php

Where to buy? Lazada,

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