Saladbox: Subscription Box Torture

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

For years I have subscribed from various beauty boxes, but of all the company that I encountered, Saladbox is the most problematic and stress-inducing ever. I have delayed posting about this because I am hoping that they would fix the situation and make efforts to amend their inadequacies.

I first subscribed from Saladbox last March 2014. I received my first box in April. At first, I did receive three boxes consecutively for 3 months. For the reviews on happy I was before, read it here: 

1st box unboxing link here.
2nd box unboxing link here.
3rd box unboxing link here.

Since my experience went well the first three months that I subscribed from them, I renewed and continued my subscription.  I opted to enroll under the one-year subscription promotion they were offering at the time. I even shared to my readers how happy I was by posting their promos and I encouraged my readers to subscribe too. 

Sharing of happy experiences posts by helping to promote their promos voluntarily, you can read it here:

Now, I find myself ashamed and infuriated that I even helped in promoting the company before.  I hope some of my readers who followed me and subscribed did not encounter any problems such as mine. Although I already know a friend of mine, Gemma who has a negative feedback from their services too. Thankfully, she got all her boxes after months of delay.

Like I said, for a time I even subscribed an additional month so that I could have a give-away for my readers. I also placed orders for my boyfriend under the Saladbox Man. For my posts regarding this, you can read it here:

I did not post the box that my boyfriend received but he got a Regatta and Flawless box for his two subscriptions.

For the remainder of my subscribed boxes, I received the first box of my 1 year subscription in August 2014. For the posts of unboxing, click the links below:

From their Creamsilk box, I received a voucher for an additional month subscription which I was happy about. So I now have 11 pending boxes from Saladbox. If you noticed, their deliveries were always delayed.

Pantene box - April 2015 received, 5th box for 1 year subscription (No month stated on what month this box ought to be)

Since I was so disappointed that it took almost four months before I received another box I already asked their company for a refund. I do not want to wait and wonder when I will I receive one again. 

When I asked for a refund last April 2015, I got no updates, and when I sent a message directly on their Facebook account, the last time that I talked to them they even have the audacity to ask for my old deposit slip and I quickly asked them if they do not have a record for it. They even reasoned out that they upgraded their system. Their number one excuse is always that - they upgraded their system. 

Accessing my account online, one can clearly see the records and payments I had.  Isn't that proof enough that I still have pending orders from them.  Are they saying that upgrading their system equates to losing all data of their customers? For details of my account, here is a screenshot of my Saladbox account:

For the emails that I sent them for updates and the few that they replied to, I will post it below in sequence:

Sent November 2, 2014 - NO REPLY.

Sent March 15, 2015

Replied March 19, 2015 - That they have a problem in their deliveries. I sent them my complete shipping details and did not receive any reply after. I did not post a photo of the reply of complete shipping details for privacy. So I sent an email again for another update.

Sent March 31, 2015 and April 8, 2015. 

I got worried that their lack of reply meant that their company is already closed, so I tried by commenting on their photos on Facebook which they still actively post. I also sent them a message on Facebook. Unfortunately, I cannot find the comment that I made regarding my email and the first message that I sent them on Facebook, was surprising because they finally did reply!

Facebook message as of April 11.

I received the box on April 10 of 2015. Still, I decided to just refund my remaining boxes because it was turning out to be too tiresome. I still got no reply from them, I guess they just assumed that since I received the box, they did not feel the need to update me for the refund or the next boxes.

I decided to email them again.

Sent May 29, 2015 - NO REPLY

Learning that their Facebook is more active than their email, I decided to send them another personal message and another email just for good measure.

Unfortunately, they have also stopped replying to m Facebook messages.  With my ire increasing, I decided to send them more messages. Then alas! They replied to my email on June 18 after sending an email last June 16. 

Sent June 14 - NO REPLY

Sent June 16, 2015

Replied June 18, 2015 -They stated that:   1.  They are having problems AGAIN and that they are resuming their monthly deliveries.  2.  They went on hiatus wherein, as a subscriber, was never informed about. I asked them when they will start shipping my supposedly 6th box for a year of subscription.

Sent June 18, 2015

Sent June 29, 2015

Reply June 29, 2015

My reply for the updated list of what I received. Sent June 29.

Reply sent August 11, 2015 for an email that I sent last June 29, 2015.  
Yes, it takes a lot of time for them to reply via email that I think sending a snail-mail would be faster.

My reply to their message. Again, I received no reply. I think it is an understatement that I am furious and dissatisfied over such treatment as a customer. That is why today (August 17, 2015), I sent them another email and messages on their Facebook account. Most especially since I saw on their Facebook page that others already received their latest boxes, what the hell happened to mine and my refund?!

Sent August 17, 2015

Until today, I did not receive any box and I am still waiting for my refund. I hope this post will serve as a warning for my fellow beauty addicts.  Transact only with professionals who take their business seriously.  Those who do not hide behind excuses. Solves problems promptly.  Takes the time to reply, and facilitates good communication.  Saladbox is so quick to take to your money but readily fails in delivering their services.  There will come a time that the line "Sorry for the inconvenience." just doesn't cut it anymore.  Not when the company fails miserably in so many ways.

Saladbox is a waste of time, money, and effort.  Transacting with them is like playing a cross between a guessing game of WHEN-WILL-MY-BOX-ARRIVE and a BEG-FOR-YOUR-BOX kind of game.

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