Saladbox Women: 333php/month Promo Until April 25

Monday, April 21, 2014

Post Easter Promo: 333php/month Subscription

The post Easter rate is offered until April 25th this 2014. If you are currently subscribed, it will just add up to your current plan. 

Not applicable to Saladbox Lite (One month subscription). So if you are going to subscribe now, for 3 months starter plan pay only 1000php instead of 1500php - Save 500php. For 6 months subscription, pay only 2000php instead of 2700php - Save 700php. For one year subscription, pay only 4000php instead of 5000php - Save 1000php.

Follow this link for the Post Easter Promo: 333/month Subscription

Limited slots only and reminder, offer is until April 25th. 

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