231/365: Photos of My Bedroom

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Photos Of My Bedroom

My Favorite Part of My Room

I am planning to fix my room again and make it into more of a studio for my blogging because I moved now to the Master's Bedroom of the house. So watch out for my share of photos when I already turned it into a suitable room for a beauty blogger like me. 

Excuse my mess because I do not sleep in my room anymore, it is like more of a storage now.

If you can see, I have a lot of coin banks. I love to store coins and each container has a goal. Like one coin bank is for my savings for my future plan to go to Hong Kong next year, the other one is for makeups and more stuff like that. I put on a post-it under each coin bank to note on what the coin bank is for. Try it, you will not notice it when it is already full and you are now ready to buy your desired item.

Of course, the messiest part of my room is my small walk-in closet and storage for my blog items. I need to really have a blog sale and let go most of my items.

So that's it for now. Have a great day!

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