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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Last Christmas, I have a friend who gave me this for a Christmas present and it is the best one I got last year! It is my first authentic makeup brushes. I used to use a replica of Bobbi Brown brushes as my first set of brushes because at that time I believe that it is on the talent on how to use one but not on the brand that you use. Authentic tools like brushes are very expensive and it is not easy to invest on one, what more if you need a complete set. Eventually, my brushes lasted long but with its hair shedding out of the holder and the handles started to discolor. I bought the Bobbi Brown brushes from a seller who declared that it is a replica and I bought it knowing that I am going to use fake brushes. Unlike one of the department store malls here in Quezon City that sells fake Real Techniques brushes as if it is an authentic one. 

I thought about trying authentic brushes if I will see a difference. As if my friend sensed my desire, I got this gift! I can't help it and I started taking photos of it so I can use it as soon as possible. I am sorry though that it is only today that I was able to share it with you guys. I am trying to finish all of my old drafts of reviews like this one before starting on my latest pending posts.

My friend gave me the Real Techniques Travel Essentials set that includes three brushes namely the Foundation Brush, Multi-task brush and Shadow Brush.

The travel essentials from Real Techniques includes a case that can use to hold the brushes in or as a stand when you use them Perfect to bring for travels. It has an elastic band attached to hold the brushes securely. The makeup brushes' bristles are synthetic and the handles are made from aluminum to be sturdy and yet light to hold. I prefer using synthetic brushes because brushes made from animal hair tends to make my skin itchy. 

When I tried all the included brushes, I love how everything feels so soft and gentle unlike the Bobbi Brown replica that I use. (Now I get it, you still get what you pay for.)

It has an easy to control lock to adjust the casing to be a pouch or as a stand.


The Foundation Brush is built for flawless custom coverage with the use of a liquid foundation or concealer. 

Essential Foundation Brush engraved on handle.
The foundation brush is designed for liquid foundation or concealers. The bristles are evenly distributed to create a smooth and flawless look. The bristles are soft and thin, it creates small and thin lines when I apply a liquid foundation or concealer. The brush is densely packed and you can observe it on my photos below.


The Multi Task Brush is built to create an effortless application of powder, blush and bronzer.

Multi Task Brush engraved on handle.
This brush is so fluffy! It is soft and dense that it is easy to apply and blend the setting powder on my face. It is easy and effortless because it can cover large area in few strokes. I do not use it for blush because it is so big and round that it covers a wide part on my cheeks when I apply it with blush. 


The Domed shadow brush is tapered for a smooth design and shades for the eyes.

This is my favorite from the three brushes of this collection. So far, it is the best eye shadow applicator that I tried. It is so easy to blend and apply the eye shadow with the use of this brush. It covers a wide area so it takes little time to fully apply the colors on your lids. 

Be careful though before you a buy any Real Techniques brushes because there are a lot of sellers who sell fake ones even in known malls here in Metro Manila. Just to know a little difference between the original and fake, there are engravings on the original. Just like the one I posted on the photos above. Also, the logo of Real Techniques is included in the handles of the original. The fake brushes lacks the engravings on the handles or it is not complete. For reference on what it should look like, check my photos below: 

Real Techniques Travel Essentials costs around 1,000php to 1100php depending on the seller. It is also available on BDJ Box's website.

Will I buy again? Definitely yes. Also, I wanted to collect the other brushes from Real Techniques soon.

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