Sephora: Pantone Universe Radiant Rush

Saturday, August 29, 2015


The lipstick that has a dupe on MAC. The shade looks similar to MAC's Girl About Town and Happy Go Lucky that I reviewed recently. It also has the same texture on MAC's lipsticks.

For me though, it looks closer to MAC's limited edition Happy Go Lucky than Girl About Town. (For MAC's Happy Go Lucky review, read it here.) Unfortunately, this is also a limited edition lipstick from Sephora

This is the first Sephora product that I was able to try and use. Let me now share with you my thoughts.

Brand: Sephora

Type: Matte

Edition: Limited

Shade: Radiant Rush

Weight: 3.8g

Product Description: Radiant Orchid



It has a similar shades on MAC lipsticks. The lipstick is rich so it is hydrating to the lips and highly pigmented. It is easy to glide on smoothly on lips and it does not cause tugging. It lasts long (for at least 6 hours), it leaves even stain on lips and it is not easily removed when eating and drinking. 


For a matte lipstick, this shade is very creamy and shiny that it contradicts its description to be a matte. It is the same with Happy Go Lucky of MAC, my skin looked a little darker whenever I use this.


When compared with MAC's Happy Go Lucky:

Sephora's Radiant Rush vs MAC's Happy Go Lucky

Sephora's Radiant Rush vs. MAC's Happy Go Lucky

Sephora's Radiant Rush vs. MAC's Happy Go Lucky

Buy again? 50% (I want to try other pink shades first before I buy one like this again)

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: $18 (Yes, it is more expensive than MAC by $1)

Where to buy? Try looking from re-sellers. It is a limited edition lipstick.

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