K-Pub BBQ: My Experience + Menu

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

K-Pub BBQ: My Experience

The Stage

My nieces and my older sister frequently visits this K-Pub BBQ buffet restaurant in Trinoma. My two nieces are avid fans of Korean bands, merchandise and food so its no wonder that they will always enjoy it here. I am curious and together with my boyfriend and other sister (the one who treated us to eat here) we went there today for dinner to try it.

We chose the cheapest kind of buffet called "Eat and Run" because we are not heavy eaters and we thought that we can finish eating in an hour. The Package A or Eat and Run's rule is that you should beat the clock. You can order everything on the menu as unlimited within an hour. The crew will remind you to give your final orders before the time runs out. Then of course, you should consume all your orders. You can refer to the photo below for the menu included in Package A (Eat & Run).

I am not familiar on how to eat Korean food that I am so glad my older sister is there to teach me how. For the food that we ate that are included on the menu, photos are posted below:

Ssam (Lettuce) and dressing

The lettuce can be used to wrap around the meats, kimchi, sauce and some rice if you want then eat the rolled food in one swallow just like how the Koreans do it. 

Kimchi and other side dishes

I think we had three refills of the Dilis, it tastes sweet. It is my favorite side dish. The mashed potato is quite different, I think there's an egg included on it and its a little creamy. I did not dare to try tasting the Kimchi (because the last time I tasted one, I did not like it) and the ginger side dish.

These are the sauces that I could use on my meats and spring rolls. The first one is like sweet and sour vinegar, the second tastes like ketchup or BBQ sauce and the last one is the spicy sauce. The soup tastes a little sour.

Yes! The meats! They will serve all the kinds of meat on the first batch and then you can order refills for your choice of meats. I enjoyed grilling it then eating it. LOL.

Spring Rolls... I love this dish, it reminded me of Pho Hoa's spring rolls.

Steamed egg. Ok...I did not expect the cake or dough to be a little crunchy at first bite. The steamed egg tastes good and it is so soft that it kind of melts inside your mouth. 

For more variety of food to be served, you can avail the other packages below:

Some reminders from K-Pub BBQ:

Let me summarize my experience now.

> Korean lovers will definitely love the place. The music and videos being played are from famous Korean bands. There are a lot of signed posters of famous Korean celebrities posted around the restaurant.
> There's a live band that also performs but they have schedule
> I am full and satisfied after eating. I think I had enough of my fill for protein food.
> If you enjoy the fun of grilling, you will love this place
> There are a lot of meats to choose from
> All food are refillable except the drinks (Drinks are to be purchased separately and will need an additional 50php to be bottomless)
> It gave me an idea of how a K-Pub looks like

> I am not a fan of Korean bands so I cannot relate to the music and videos being played although I am familiar to some songs because I hear it from my niece.
> The place is too hot from the grill
> The crew are waiting for your cue for refills
> Drinks are to be purchased separately and will need an additional 50php to be bottomless

My boyfriend and I goofing around.

Will I come back? Hmmm... Maybe not because I am not a fan of Korean food unless I will accompany someone. Although I am glad to experience it at least once, for me it is enough that I was able to try it and see the place. I do recommend the place though for Korean band and food lovers.

Additional Photos: (Edited as of August 17, 2015, we ate the other week and I got some new photos to share)

Update 2016 - I tried other Korean Restaurants and K-Pub is the best that I tried so far! So, will I come back here? Yes 100%!!!

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