Product Review: Get Lei'd 3D Fiber Mascara

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I got this Get Lei'd Mascara from one of my Saladbox subscription and I admit its my first time to be introduced to this brand. I did my own research and I learned that Get Lei'd Cosmetics are made from Philippines and the owner is Ms. Lei Hosseinzadeh-Ang of

The Get Lei'd 3D Fiber Mascara is made from organic materials, amazing right? It is hard to find good organic cosmetics nowadays. I always try different brands and variants for mascaras because my lashes are short and thin.

I know I am not the only girl who has short or thin lashes problems. That is why until today there are so many mascaras still being invented to satisfy every girl's dream of achieving that sexy lashes. Ms. Lei invented one of the holy grail of mascaras, I am proud to say that it is a product made in the Philippines that really stands out.

The box is so elegant specially with the gold label of the box. Upon opening the box, there is a card included that includes the full instructions of how to apply the mascara. Full instructions on photo below:

The mascara is a set that contains the Setting Mascara and the Green Tea Fiber. The Setting Mascara is bigger than the Green Tea Fiber.

The Setting Mascara is like any regular mascara. It has a long wand and the shade of the mascara is black. The setting mascara smudges easily while it is wet.

The swatch of the black mascara is posted on my photo below:

The Green Tea Fiber is what makes your lashes longer and thicker. It looks like dust that formed numerously on the wand but it is really green tea fiber. You can look closely on my photo below.

I tried swiping the green tea fiber on my hand and look how small the fibers are on my photo below:

Let me now summarize on what I thought about the Get Lei'd 3D Fiber Mascara:

> No build up of clumps
> It really thickened and lengthened my lashes unlike regular mascaras (Look at my photos below)
> It can be tricky to apply but once you get used to it, it is perfect. You just have to do one eye at a time because you need your setting mascara wet so that the green tea fiber will stick to it. 
> Looks like false lashes when worn
> Waterproof
> You can apply many layers as you want 

> No listed ingredients noted on packaging (the only declared ingredients is that is was made from natural minerals)
> Setting mascara easily smudges while wet so take care of not closing your eyes until you are sure it is dry
> The fiber can easily get into your eyes. It happened to me and my eyes got irritated and stings a little
> It is hard to remove and removing it can sting in your eyes too due to the fibers

My sample of application is only one coat of the setting mascara and green tea fiber.

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 995php

Where to buy? Suesh,

I wish my readers will try it too! If you are interested about Get Lei'd, you can like their Facebook page here. You can also follow them on their Instagram account here. For faster transaction, you can contact Get Lei's Cosmetics on this number: 0998-540-6200.

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