Dove: Go Fresh Nourishing Body Wash in Cucumber & Green Tea Scent

Friday, April 3, 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW: Dove's Go Fresh Nourishing Body Wash in Cucumber & Green Tea Scent

The Dove Cucumber and Green Tea Scent body wash is the second bottle that I tried that contains flavored scents from Dove. The first one that I tried is the Dove Go Fresh in Grapefruit and Lemongrass, for the full review of Grapefruit and Lemongrass please follow the link here.

I also got this sample from Sample Room and its in full size too. Let me now share my experience with this variant.

Brand: Dove

Type: Cucumber & Green Tea Scent

Weight: 200ml (Also available in 400ml)

Product Description: Cool refreshment that effectively nourishes skin. A refreshingly light sensation that's an uplifting moment for your skin. The crisp, soothing scent of cucumber and green tea. The way it leaves a cool feeling of refreshing-hydration. Enriched with our breakthrough Nutrium Moisture, which nourishes the skin deep down making your skin more beautiful in the long term.

How To Use: Can be used daily for better results. Pour into hand and work into a creamy lather. 


> The fragrance is more of cucumber without any hint of green tea but still smells great!
> The scent is refreshing and soothing, I prefer to use this on my shower after work
> I feel refreshed and clean after use
> Contains Nutrium Moisture that nourishes skin within the epidermis layer
> It does not leave any residue on skin
> Lathers well
> My skin is smooth and hydrated after use

> Contrary to the cooling refreshing feel with the use of this body wash, I only felt refreshed. I did not notice any cooling effect even a little.
> The moisture on skin did not last even for a few hours that I needed to apply a lotion afterwards
> The fragrance did not linger on skin

Buy again? 100% 

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 90php (400ml - 175php)

Where to buy? Leading supermarkets and department stores.

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