94/365: A List Of Ways On How To Save Money

Saturday, April 4, 2015

List Of Ways On How To Save Money

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Saving money is a big problem for me since I only have a little amount left of my salary and I usually use the extra for food or makeup. However, this is the effective ways I find enough for me if I ever need to save for something.

1. Place your money on a bank account without ATM card. Like just plain passbook account so you will need to give an effort just to withdraw the money. The tendency is I became lazy and will postpone to withdraw until I decided that I will not use the money instead.

2. Coin banks. I still use the old style piggy banks. I save 5php coin or 10php coin. Make sure that there is no opening that you can get the coins again. LOL. I have the urge to use it when I do not have small change for transport.

3. Let someone you trusted keep it from you. The money I save for my bills is being kept by my sister so I will not use it. :)

4. If you have a big budget, invest it on a time deposit account.

5. As much as possible, keep your money on the bank to earn interest.

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