58/365: List of People That I Wish To Meet

Friday, February 27, 2015

List of People That I Wish To Meet

Its hard to make this list because I totally have different list depending on the situation. For example, when I attended the event by Sample Room and Pond's yesterday, I was able to meet a lot of famous beauty bloggers that I am so eager to meet. I am so happy to finally meet Nikki Tiu, Rochelle Miko Kawasaki, Kaycee Enerva, Earth, Jessa and Donna. The last event I attended, I also met Tellie and Ari. So I consider myself very happy and lucky! They are some of the people that inspired me to get serious in my blogging.

I think if I will make a list, it will never end. There are so many actors and actresses in Hollywood that I wanted to meet to. For example, Anne Hathaway, Chris Pine, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and so much more!


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