Olay: Deep Moisture With Honey

Friday, February 27, 2015


Honey is a popular natural ingredient being used on various skin care products because honey can retain moisture in skin contributing to smooth and radiant skin. Besides keeping the skin hydrated, honey also has anti-bacterial components, famous in being used for products treating acne. 

I am excited to learn that Olay now offers a body wash containing of mainly honey. Let us now check what the Olay Deep Moisture With Honey entails.

I got this sample through Sample Room. Yay!

Brand: Olay

Type: Deep Moisture With Honey

Weight: 200ml (Also available in 400ml)

Product Description: Olay Deep Moisture body wash gives you deep moisture that outlasts your day. Our breakthrough Moisture Outlast formula penetrates the skin's surface layer by layer to infuse your skin with long-lasting moisture. Even in dry climate, you can get the bouncy, smooth, tender, beautiful skin. Your skin's condition improves after just one use. Use regularly for beautiful, healthy-looking skin that lasts.

How To Use and Ingredients:

> Smells like milk and honey
> It lathers well even with small amount
> My skin felt soft and well hydrated after use that I do not need to apply some moisturizer or body lotion
> Easy to wash out without residue being left on skin
> I feel fresh after shower
> My sister who has eczema loves using this, its gentle on her skin, she does not experience any adverse reaction to her skin

> The smoothness of my skin did not last long for the day so if I need to moisturize my skin by the end of the day (Unless I take a shower again with the use of Olay Body Wash)

Buy again? 70%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 105php (400ml - 199php)

Where to buy? Any local department stores or super markets.

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