My First Real Techniques Brushes: Travel Essentials

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My First Real Techniques Brushes: Travel Essentials

Ever since I started having my makeup done seriously, I just bought a replica of Bobbi Brown Brush Set as it was cheaper. Although what I really want is to have my own authentic MAC brushes collection. At first I am satisfied with using my replica brushes because I can still achieve the look that I want but when at least two years had passed, the bristles started to hurt a little when being applied on my face. So I thought that maybe that is why other brushes are expensive because of the quality. 

When the beauty related things became a trend in the country, the Real Techniques also came along with it. It is cheaper than MAC with a great quality. When I first saw it on a BDJ Social Event, I knew I wanted to collect all of it. 

It is not my priority but I was saving up for it. But when I met up with a good friend of mine last week, she handed me a wrapped gift. I am so happy and shocked when I opened it because I received a brand new authentic Real Techniques Brush Set (I said authentic because there are replicas being sold even at famous malls) and I got the Travel Essentials that contains the basics like Foundation Brush, Powder brush and Eye shadow brush. 

I did not expect to receive a gift as costly as this but she knew I always wanted one. I feel like she is my genie who just granted me a wish. I promised her that I will use it well! Thank you so much again my friend. You made my 2015 more exciting!

I will post a separate detailed review on this brush set. So stay posted! Have a great day everyone! 


  1. I love this set especially the eye shadow brush :)

  2. Me too! Its my favorite! I plan to buy more eye shadow brush. Its so soft and can cover large areas in one stroke! :) I love it! :)


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